Shodash Grantha and other works of Pushti Marg

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Repository of ALL granths of Pushti Marg - including Anubhashya

Shri Maad Bhagvad Gita - one of the main "pramans" / touch-stones of Pushti Philosophy

Shodash Granth :- Introduction to the sixteen treaties by Jayeshbhai Gandhi (Houston USA)

Shodash Grath :- Summery of the granths.

Pratahasmaran - Two great shlokas about the Nine Nidhies and the Vallabh Kula Parivar.

Mangalacharan :- Shlokas recited at the begining of all satsangas.

Shri Yamunastakam :- Hymn of Shri Yamunaji, the 1st guru of Pushti Marg.

Shri Yamunashtakam :- Hymn to Shri Yamunaji (transliteration only)

Siddhanta Rahasya :- Expounding the main rules and values of Pushti Marg, as narrated by the Lord Himself.

Siddhant Rahasya :- Translation only.

Shri Krshnashraya :- Reasons for seeking the protection of Lord Krshna in this Kali Yuga.

Krushnashraya :- Wonderful, easy to recite with ! 2.3 Mb

Chatur Shloki :- Four shlokas expounding the four goals of every soul.

Chatur Shloki :- Listen to the immortal words ! - From Shodhash Grantha CD  0.8 Mb

Navaratnam :- Nine gem like shlokas expounding the principles of Pushti Marg, freeing us all from all our worries.

Vivek Dhairayashraya :- Hymn of how to attain the perfect composure - essential for seva.

Pancha Shloki :- Describing the three different types of enthusiasts.  Translation only.

Bhakti Vardhini :- Ways of strengthening devotion - translation only

Balbodh :- Instructions for all novices of Pushti Marg

Bhakti Phal :- Fruits of Devotion - translation only

Pushti Pravaha Maryada :- Describing the different types of souls as either full of grace, ordinary or bound by karma etc. - translation only.

Antakaran Prabodha :- "Exhortation to my own heart" as stated by Shri Vallabh



Other hymns of Pushti Marg outside the core 16 listed above

Sarvottam Storam :- A hymn containing the various holy names of Shri Vallabh.

Madhurastakam :- Hymn to the sweet Lord, who is sweetness personified.

To hear the Madhurastakam, please click here.

Venu Gita, Vivek Dhairayashraya, Rasa Lila etc with commentaries and English Translations by Shyamdas are in a special index.



Scriptures that are central to understanding Pushti Marg's Philosophy

SMB Gita as per Pushti Marg. Please note though, there seems to be font issue and all "Uu" sounds are printed as "Aai" sounds.  ભૂત = ભૈત

Shri Maad Bhagvatam is THE most important praman for Vaishnavs.  It defines our view of God and ideal behaviour traits to get to God. 

JapaYagna - 108 verses in Gujarati extolling the virtues of Shri Krushna (original by Mr Mohanlal C Shah

JapaYagna - English transliteration of the original verses (sent in by Mr Sunil J Shah)


Some of the 84 and 252 Vaishnav's Vartas on this site

Some articles by Shyamdas from USA


Acharyashri MahaPrabhuji considered the Vedas, Brahma Sutras, Shrimada Bhagvatam and Shrimada Bhagvad Geeta as authoritative treaties, as dictated by God.  He developed his philosophy based on these "praman shastras", drawing from them his wonderful philosophy of pure monotheism - Shuddhadvita.  This expanded on the theories of his guruji, Shri Vishnuswami.

Shri MahaPrabhu Vallabhacharyaji was a prolific writer and wrote many commentaries, treaties and original works in sanskrit. His commentary on the Brahma-Sutra - Anubhashya, and commentary on Shrimad Bhagvatam - Subodhini, are perhaps the most detailed commentaries there are on the subject. To explain his Shuddhavaita philosophy, he wrote a number of treaties and stotras to teach his disciples the ways of Pushti Marg.

Of the numerous stotras that he wrote, sixteen have been used as the most important teaching tools in Pushti Marg. Devote members recite these everyday and espouse to follow the advise written there-in. Collectively, these are referred to as the " Shodash Grantha ".

Here you will find a translation of a few of the sixteen. Time permitting, I will add more, so please do visit this page again, soon.
If anyone else would like to contribute to this, or any other section on this web, please contact us at the email below.



Parikh Parivar have produced some great CDs to serve the community and they contain the main stotra and some popular bhajans of Pushti Marg, set to wonderful music.
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