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I have uploaded samples of some great stortras, music and puja files on this page.  Size of the download is written where applicable.
There are also links to videos of pujas / temple rituals on this page.

Please remember,
music downloads are provided as samples of the works available on the original CDs.  We would encourage you to buy the original CDs to enjoy more of the same.  Please support artists by buying the "originals".

We are now selling some of these CDs at very reasonable rate.

Please get in touch with us to find out the costs.

Pushti Marg related files

Yamunastaka - translated and sung in Gunjarati !   A very unusual but excellent rendition. Smarnanjalika CD  4.5 Mb

Krushnashrya - In this terrible age of Kali, the Lord is my only refuge !  Shodasha Grantha CD  2.3 Mb

Chatur Shloki - Four verses, pregnant with philosophical wisdom ! Shodash Grantha CD  800 kb

Siddhanta Rahasya - the central tenants of Pushti Marg, as stated by God Himself ! From the great Smarananjalika CD produced by Anil Parikh and family. 1.9Mb

Navratna - the jewel of a stotra advising us all to free ourselves of worries ! 1.3 Mb

Parama udara Shri Vallabhaprabhu ray - praising the kindness and generosity of Shri Vallabh.  From "Bhavat Padaravindam" CD - 3.1Mb

Ashtapadi - by Jayadev and a pada of Lord Vishnu by Paramanadadas. - These are normally sung during major festival days and birthdays of Lord's major avatars. (4.37 MB) - courtesy of On time Management

Urana so khele dhamar - How the Lord is ever keen to play holi - Makar records - Hori Dhamar - 4.3 Mb

Pada of Nandanandan - Lord is described as the adornment of Nanadabhavan ! by Nanadadas. (1.23 MB) - courtesy of On time Management

Shri Vallabha Charana Lagyo Chitta Maro - a wonderful pada by Govind-das - by permission of Makar records - please visit them for a full list of classical Indian records...  3.2Mb

Madhurastakam - an excellent hymn by Shri Vallbh, describing the intoxicating beauty of the Lord Krushna. Recited by the world renowned MS SubhaLakshmi, who sings the hymn in Mishra Khamaj.  3.8Mb

Aaja Radhika - describing the joy of Shri Radha - 3 Mb

Barhapidam - Sung by Pandit Jasrajji in his fantastic CD "Govind Damodar Madhaveti", this evokes the mood of Shri Sukacharya as he must have heard it in the forests of the Himalayas. Struck by the beauty of the Lord described in this shloka he sought out Vyasji to learn more about Shri Krushna. 3.6 Mb

Vyasana Hame Ghana-Shyam - 54 favourite padas of mine on the net

SMB Gita as per Pushti Marg. Please note though, there seems to be font issue and all "Uu" sounds are printed as "Aai" sounds.  ભૂત = ભૈત 


Files related Hinduism in general 

Ganesh Puja (384 kb)

Siddhi Vinayak's puja (687 kb)

Purusha-Sukta - a Vedic hymn to the Lord of the Universe ! (940kb) - off the net from a site I don't remember

Shri Maada Bhagvad Gita - from Kisari Mohan Ganguli's excellent translation in 1883-1896.  These files are orginally hosted on - 188 kb

SMB Gita - more resources

Gujarati Bhajans - some favourite bhajans of the Shah family


General files

Sanskrit Fonts (68kb)

Gujarati Fonts (415kb)

Videos of puja / seva from some of the major temples in India

50 year old film of morning rituals at Tirupati showing the wonderful form of the Lord without the jewels that often hide his divine vigraha.

Friday abhishek of Shri Tirupati with priests standing on tall step-ladder to bath the tall form of the Lord with all the various panchamritas and waters of sacred places.


Panchamrit snana of the Lord Vitthala of Pandharpur - This allows us to have a wonderful "vihanga" darshan of the Lord - rarely seen so closely.

Shrungar Arti of the Lord Vitthala of Pandharpur  It was by the order of Shri Vitthala that Shri Vallabhacharyaji agreed to get married to MahaLakshmiji.


Gaja-vesha, when the Lord JagganNatha dresses up as Lord Ganesha

Ratha Yatra of the Lord of Puri and his siblings as they go for their summer retreat.

Ratha Yatra of the Lord JagganNathji and his siblings This video shows the Lord leaving and coming back, dressed in the Golden attire (Suvarna vesha) - commentary in Hindi

Ratha Yatra and Svarna Vesha of Lord JagganNathji - worn at the end of the Ratha Yatra before he enters the temple again - commentary is in Oriya.


Doors open for the Mangala darshan of Shri Ranchodji - 154kb

Mangala Arti of Lord Ranchodrai

Kesar snana of Lord Ranchodrai of Dakor - darshan of the Lord being bathed in saffron water every morning.

Artis through the day from Shringar to Shayan - note how children of the priests trained from young age in details of rituals.


Dwarikadhishji dressed in his best jewels for an arti during Janmastami.

Archaeological evidence of ancient Dwarika

Lost city of Dwarika and Sarasvati civilisation


Various dresses and forms of the Udupi Krushna, giving devotees wonderful opportunity to see the various Krishna leela, Avatara of Vishnu, various other Gods and goddesses of Hindu pantheon.

Udupi Krushna being worshiped in the morning.  The tiny inner sanctum is lit by wicks laid out if trays upon trays of ghee !


Radha Ramanji of Vrindavan - close up video of the Lord in His wonderful attire and arti

         Radha Ramanji of Vrindavan - Shri-anga darshan with minimum clothes and jewels !!


Stuti of Lord Somnath - a major Jyotirlinga on the coast of Gujarat

Arti of Lord Somnath

Another Arti of Lord Somnath


Morning puja and Abhishek of Lord Mahakala of Ujjain - a major Jyotirlinga of the once famous capital of VikramAditya

Puja and arti of Lord Mahakal


Kashi VishvaNathaa very short video of "Saptarishi arti" of this major Jyotirlinga from Kashi / Varanasi / Banares

Lingastaka with some pics of Lord VishvaNatha

 GuruVayur Krushna - Lord covered with sandalwood paste and after his bath, dressed to receive the gift of a baby elephant !  I am not sure if this clip is of the actual deity, but if it is, it is rare indeed !


Holi in Barsana - Views of the main temple, pilgrims, dancers and video of revellers in the main courtyard of the temple.

Holi in Nandgao - News report of the holi in Krishna's own town

Holi in BakeyBihari mandir - Vrindavan - Pilgrims and priests playing holi in the main courtyard of the famous temple.

Holi in Mathura - Holi as played out in Mathura, complete with a stage show of folk dance




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