Information about the Haveli at Nathadwara 

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Wher ever Shri Nathji has stayed, we have called it a Baithaks & Charan Chokies of Shri Nathji.

Nathadwara - as a city and as a centre of pilgrimage.

Map of the Haveli - Map with paintings and pictures of the inner layout of the main halls and courtyards of the Haveli

Architecture of a typical Haveli - and its history of development.

Further information on the architecture of Havelis - and its various inner structures.

Differences between a Haveli and a Temple

Please don't push and shove in a haveli !

ઠાકોરજીની હવેલી કે કુસ્તી નો અખાડો?

Best way to do Darshans in the Haveli !  Personal hints and tips !

The darshans in a Haveli :- The doors of the inner sanctum open 8 times a day to allow us a glimpse of the Lord...

Reasons for small svarups and haveli style of our temples

Reasons why some vaishnavs do not share darshan of their Thakorji

Seva :- The most natural interaction between us and God !

Nikunj Seva of gopies and Swamins with Thakorji.

Shringar-Seva, the art of adorning the Lord 

Sweet scents of a Haveli

Arti :- A popular ritual at darshan times.

Arti - two articles, describing the ritual's inner meaning

Article by Shri Bharat Goswamiji                 Article by Shastri Shri Jai Vallabhji

Pichoi, the beautiful backdrops used in the Havelis of Pushti Marg

Haveli Music :- Traditional Drupad style of music as preserved in the Haveli. Explaining the difference between bhajans and padas of Pushti Marg.

Padas and Kirtans sung in the Haveli.

Servants of the Lord - the sevaks of the Lord at Nathadwara.

Social etiquette with Priests and temple workers

Wages for the servants of the Lord.

Sevki, a sytem of payment to sevaks, is in urgent need of reform


Return to the central courtyard of the Haveli


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