This is what Shastri Shri Jai Vallabhji (Baroda/ Mumbai) has to say on the subject.


Arti is the outer manifestation of the inner viraha tapa - the intense fire of sorrow caused by our seperation from the Lord.  This pain of being away from the Lord is what we should "realise" and realise that the real joy is in being with Him.

The viraha tapa, when it becomes truly intense, eventually consumes the very being (ego etc) of the devotee and as a result, the Lord comes to them out of grace.  As darshan is the fruit of viraha tapa, it is much desired and all vaishnavs look forward to a time when their own viraha tapa will eventually result in a darshan of the Lord.

Till than we use the arti, an outer manifestation of the virah tapa, which allows us to do the darshan of the Lord.

Just as in life, once our beloved is before us, we must abandon the pain of seperation and enjoy the moments together.  So, once the darshan is achieved, the viraha tapa, the arti, must be put away and the saiyog of the Lord must be enjoyed.  As the arti represents the viraha tapa, it is not to be "taken" in Pushti Marg. It would be like taking back the pain you have just put away !

Only in ShriNathji's Haveli is it permitted for people to "take" the arti.   As ShriNathji is Sarvo-dharak and Daivo-dharak, aswell as Bhakto-dharak, He has permitted some Sanatan rituals to be allowed in His Haveli, arti being one of them.   Here, the arti is being taken as a prasad of the Lord and not as viraha taap.


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Arti - a popular ritual at darshan times.


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