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Gallery featuring different shringars of ShriNathji

"Krishna as ShriNathji" - Paintings from Amit Ambalal's unique collection/ book.

b_swinghk.jpg (3380 bytes) Paintings depicting Krushna lila as painted by ISKCON members.  

Lord JagganNathji - 11 Darshans of the Lord of Puri and His festival attaire.

Classical Paintings of Krshna-Lila, expression of the divine in Indian art.

  Nidhi svarups and svarups from family shrines

b_mholi5.jpg (3737 bytes) Celebration of Holi through Art.

b_entreat.jpg (2837 bytes) Celebrating the love of Radha and Krshna through Pahari Paintings.

but-wchild.jpg (2071 bytes) Krushna in Rajasthani paintings through the ages 

Collection of paintings from various sources, some modern, some old.

Great photos of Lathmar holi of Vraj and Nathdwara


Please note, the paintings shown on this site are either in the public domain, or have been reproduced here by permission of the owners of these pictures.  This particularly applies to the paintings from Amit Ambalal’s wonderful collection.  With his permission, I have reproduced these on the net and have even created a number of backgrounds from these magnificent works of art. If any paintings in this gallery are copyrighted, please let us know at [email protected] and we will be happy to acknowledge the owner(s).

If you have any images of Shri Nathji that you would like to share with us, please email them at [email protected]


Jai Shri Krshna

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