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These are some of the links that I have found to be of great interest to me. Please contact me if any of the link is / are persistently not available.

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 Pushti Related links  Indian Religious Links
India !! Free stuff !

 Pushti Marg related links

Haveli of Shri Nathji at Nathadwara, the official website of the principle house of Pushti Marg.  Lots of info and official teaching of Pushti Marg.

Nathdwara Temple Board's official website

Tilkayat - another official website of the Tilkayat with traditional views on Pushti Marg's principles.

Actual aerial view of Nathadwara with areas marked out for main sites in town

Haveli of Mathureshji at Kota, the first house of Pushti Marg

Haveli of Shri Vitthalnathji at Nathdwara, the official second house of Pushti Marg.

Haveli of Dwarikadhishji at Kakaroli, the third house of Pusthi Marf.  Lots of nice padas to download and info on Pushti Marg.

Haveli of Shri Gokulchandramaji - the fifth house of Pushti Marg

Repository of ALL granths of Pushti Marg - including Anubhashya

Main Haveli in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai, by Shri Aniruddhalalji Maharajji - e-magazine by Aniruddhlalji

Goswami Anandbawa's website - great blog site for vaishnavs to communicate with the Bawa.

Facebook of Anandbava

Goswami Bharatkumarji's site from Pune

Goswami Rajesh Kumarji's site on Pushti Marg.

Goswami Jaidevlalji's site on festivals, rituals and info on Pushti Marg

Haveli at Alkapuri lovely site, but you need the right fonts to read anything on the site.

Haveli at Chicago - USA.  Has info about darshan times, up-coming events and about Pushti Marg in general.

Vraj - Haveli in Pensilvania, USA !

Canadian haveli at Ontario   - baithak at Ujjain � list of 84 baithaks


Parikh Parivar - Navneet Parikh and family have been producing high quality music and literature for Pushti Marg for a number of years.

List of their music albums and other publications.

KrishnaaKinkari's pagewith a lot of info about the books she has translated and work she does to promote traditional art in Vraj.

Vallabhacharyaji's site, dedicated to Him and His life's work.  Site is run by the "Shri Chhabilaji Haveli" of Bhavnagar with lots of info, lots of pages.

Wordpress Pushti Marg site in Hindi ! Lots of padas, a blog and links

Vaishnav Parivar, portal that hopes to bring vaishnavs together from across the globe. - vaishnav sangh of UK, with a strong focus on men taking an active role in the Sangh

Bhartiya Tattvagyan mandir of Modasa 

PushtiKul with lots of articles, forum and posts from vaishnavs - lots info and forum

Pushti Priya website with lots of padas in Hindi

Some more information about haveli at Nathdwara

ShriNathji's group on FaceBook !  It had to happen eventually !  Active group with lots articles and blogs.

Artists of Nathdwara

Abhashahra blog

Photos from the haveli at Vadodara

ShriNathji and other Hindu gods 

Large number of Pushti paintings for sale !

Paintings by Abha Shahar - �ShriNathji Bhakti� - site with articles and photos

Samnvay - site created by a vaishnav in Sudan !

Links with Indian Religious themes

Ranchodraiji's live darshan !

Dwarikadhishji's - official site of the main temple at Dwarika with lots of fantastic info about the temple and the town.

Dwarika - another website with useful information 

JaganNath Puri's official website

Balaji the original temple in Andra, India

Balaji's temple in Hong Kong.

Guruvayur temple's official website

Guruvayoor - un-official website of the famous Krishna temple in Kerala

Udupi temple wonderful info about the daily rituals at Shri Krishna Mutt of Madhavacharya

Aerial picture of Dakor

SomaNath temple, some excellent historical data related to the temple dedicated to Shiva's Jyotirling on India's Western coast.

Listen to Purans on-line !

Kanchi Kamakshi Mutt, Adi Shankar's main mutta at Kanchi, South India.

Dattapeetham, Swami Shri Ganapathi Sachidanada's site on Lord Datta, yoga and healing through music...

Indian Temple, list and info

Blessing on the net - Huge website with lots of info on some of the best known temples of India, festivals, shopping etc.

Info on numerous temples and culture of India

Gajendra Mokshathe last hymn sung by the elepahn and verious other stuties - website is in Hindi

Shri Yantra - Mystical map of the Spiritual Universe.

Athato Bharma Jigyasa - Curiosity about Universal Spirit is whhat spurred on the ancient sages to delve into philospphy (Krunal's excellent website)

Gita - a blog with lots of info

Festival dates of various world religions

Sites related to India in general.

Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan - the main cultural institute for teaching and promoting Indian culture in London, UK
                                            BVB is a major international cultural organisation, so please search the web for one near you.

Nehru Centre in London provides free public access to culture !  Visit the site for list of events.

Apana Guide - give your views and read others reviews...

Books on India/a> to order books on all things Indian...

HoliHangama ! For festival fun... 

On-Time Management, produce various interactive items for all things Indian / Hindu.

Samachar - a most comprehensive site on news from around India and the world.

How pichois are made

Navdeep-Arts - selling new pichois and paintings

Relationship Consuling for couples by Radhanath Swami of ISKON

Hindi and Indian Calendar


Free help, software, email addresses etc.....


Feed the world ! A most generous site that allows you to feed the world at the click of a button !

More free stuff ! For all sorts of things FREE., Interesting site.

Khoj - a great Indian search engine.

List My Website



Most authentic and detailed translation of the Mahabharat by K M Ganguli

Mahabharat in Gujarati (has lots of other scriptures too)

Wikipedia - source of lots of information on Mahabharat

Mahabharat in English verse form

Wm Blake's Short version of Mahabharat

Complex chronology of Mahabharat


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