Introduction to Pushti Marg

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Articles in this section hope to introduce the reader to some of the philosophy and ideals of the Pushti Marg.
Articles in this section cover the entire spectrum of thoughts from the pure philosophical to the purely devotional concepts of the Pushti Marg.


Basic introduction to Pushti Margoduction to Pushti Marg


Svarup - 9 forms of the Lord as envisioned in Pushti Marg

Shri Krushna, an introduction

Basic Concepts and terms of Pushti Marg


Svarup of ShriNathji - different bhavas of the divine form

Some interesting facts about shri Krushna's life

Raag, Bhog, Shringar, the central tenants of Pushti Marg


Svarup of ShriNathji - Some details for Shrithji's form

Shri Yamunaji and Her importance in Pushti Marg

Shringar Vs Shungar :- difference between art and craft of jewels

Vraj Lila, its uniqueness and why its the ideal lila to contemplate

Shri Yamunaji - in Gujarati

Shringar-Seva, the art of adorning the Lord


Makhan-Chori :- importance of being strong - physically !

Shri MahaPrabhuji and early years of the sect

Pichoi, the beautiful backdrops used in the Havelis of Pushti Marg

Makhan-Chori - in Guajrati

Gopinathji the eldest son of Shri Vallabh

Practical Pichoi ! create your own pichoi in your own seva

Chira Haran :- Lord's lilas are complex ! (God works in mysterious ways)

Gusaiji, Shri VitthalNathji, the most charismatic leader of sect to-date.

Reasons for small svarups and haveli style of our temples

Maha Rasa :- Celebration of (one of many) unique lilas of the Lord !

Brahma Sambandha - reasons for forming a relationship with God !

Balseva in Pushti Marg :- Reasons given by Bhagwat


Vaman lila :- what it teaches us all !

PhD Thesis on the Brahmavada of Shri Vallabh :- by HH Shri RaghuNathlalji.

Balseva :- Reasons given by Sandip Saha

Vaman avatar by Ghanshyam Goswami in Gujarati

Immense Achievements :- philosophical, social and political, of Shudhadvita !!

"Bhavas" in Pushti Marg :- Emotional and Religious Ecstasy.


Vaman avatar by Kaminiben in Gujarati


Prabodhini Ekadashi – Celebration of 3 lilas ; Bali / Vaman ; Tulsi Vivah ; Indra Daman


Naga-Daman lila - in English

Comparing Pushti Marg with Chaitanya marg (eg ISKON)


Nagdaman lila - in Gujarati

Grace, Krupa is the central tenant of Pushti Marg





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Please read articles by Shyamdas for further revelations of Pushti Philosophy.


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