Pushti beyond Year 2000

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Articles in this section are for those who wish to see the sect grow and embrace the new era with a new insight.  They challenge some the traditional ways of thinking and hopes to revitalise our beloved Pushti Marg.  Articles in this section hope to give the youth of today some thing they can do and think about that will help them in their day to day lives.

Please do not read these if you are easily offended and do not wish to see your traditional views challenged. 
All articles here represent my thinking and do not represent the views of any organisation(s).

Lessons from the tale of Ambrish and Durvasa

Why do we gavitate towards "Gurus" ?

Is God partial ? Who does he help ? Why ?

Don't ask for Charity - it is against the principles of Pushti Marg

Nisadhan - what does it all mean ?

Radha - how real is she in the original scriptures ?

Swaminijis in the Bhakti cults of medieval North India.

Sevki, a system of vaishnavs paying sevaks, is in an urgent need of reform !

Keep it Simple !  Life and seva should be simple !

Pushti Marg and its future should be of concern for all vaishnavs.

Sects are fossils of a bygone time

Necessary reforms in Hinduism

Infighting amongst Hindus needs to stop !

Key to successful temples - sustainable income source

Temples and Hindus need to unite to help each other.

Gucci Vs God - who wins that fight with modern Hindus ?

Indian Government is looting Hindu temples - what can "we" do to save our heritage !

5 Blind Men - do we really "understand" God ?

How to experience God in daily lives

Theorem of Kashta - for who ? us or God !?!

How to revive Pushti Marg

We must unite as Hindus to survive - as Hindus, we must abandon the wilderbeast mentality !

Conversion - Have we learned anything from our own past to stop this social / spiritual curse on our society ?

Is Pushti Marg Universal ? - a very prickly question indeed !

Thoughts of a vaishnav with a cause - my ideas of how things can be improved at Nathadwara.

Reuniting the Hari, Guru and Vaishnavs of Pushti Marg

Anyashraya Vs Ananyashraya - one of the central tenants of Pushti Marg.

Manoraths - What is a manorath ?

Best way to do Darshans in the Haveli !-  Personal hints and tips !

Ohm, Ganesh and other gods as seen from Pushti Marg.

The Importance of Being Earnest - Sincerity is what we need if we want the community to grow.

What we need to do TODAY ! - what we, as a community, need to do today to make sure we are still around by year 3000 !

Jyotishya / Horoscopes - Personal views on a favourite human hobby

Terrible state of dival-giri etc in the Haveli in 2010


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