Gucci Vs God


Nike, Adidas, Armani, Gucci, Polo, swarovski, Rado, Seko, Cartier, Gutier et etc etc !

From top to toe, we are all very happy to sport the latest designer wear, letting our bodies become advertisement boards for the various fashion houses – indeed – we pay “them” for the priviledge of doing this for them !!  Yet, we are not happy to sport any religious symbol on our person, least it should attract attention !

We are not happy to wear Mala, Tilak, Chappa, Janoi etc least anyone queries us “why / what / how / who ?”, yet, we are happy to tell all and sundry about our latest acquisition of the latest fashion range.  Indeed, we regale them as to how many hours we had to queue up to get it !!

Why ?

We are so cowed by “secular” world view that we are unable to declare our love for God clearly and openly.  We can wear our badges to show our support for AIDs, breast cancer, Africa etc in full public view, but never can we wear our talisman, pendants with Gods or even Aum without the seculars frowning on it !

I am not suggesting that people walk to work in dhotis – its not the dress-code at work anymore, but apart from that, why are we not happy to declare our love for God openly ?  Do we keep Krushna as our desktop or screen saver ?  Ashwariya is OK, but God is not ! 

We don’t wear our malas – even if it is under our shirt / dress !  Some complain it “itches” – well, there are softer, smoother versions of the mala available.  We are happy to wear gold chains – they don’t itch, but we wont wear even the gold tulsi / rudraksha mala – its not fashionable enough !  If we do wear it, its for “health” reason – never religious.  We are too embarrassed to admit any religious connotation with Rudraksh – health connection is fashionable and hence OK !

I know plenty of Hindu women who say “Its un-sightly to wear mangalsutra / bindi on a western dress to work.”  Why ?  the same girls will happily wear earrings and even nose piercing – because that OK and is fashionable, but not a magalsutra !

In North London , I see an English women who has obviously married an Indian, wear all the marks of marriage to work everyday, on the tube, with her head held high !  She even wears her anklets on the feet without fail – on a western dress no less !

I have seen several SwamiNarayan followers, going to work with their tilaks worn proudly over their suits – even in UK !  Why can’t others do it ?  Sikhs wear their turbans, Jews wear their skull caps and muslims wear their bear / head scarf to work all the time.

Why are we so scared of wearing even a mala ?

We, as a community, have become too scared to declare our faith / identity openly.  Even amongst Hindus, we often do not declare ourselves “religious” – least we are branded as “saffron” !  It’s a great shame !

Sadly, in the war of Gucci vs God, at present, amongst Hindus, God is on the loosing side.


© Bhagwat Shah


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