Terrible state of things in Nathdwara Temple - 2010


On my recent visit during the monsoon 2010, I was dismayed at the state of pichois, divalgiris and chandarvos at Lalan’s shrine in Nathdwara. 

I appreciate these are antiques, but that is no reason for them to be threadbare !  There are plenty of temple servants in the haveli, especially in the darji-khana.  I am sure they can be gainfully employed to repair and renovate these old pichois.  It doesn’t matter if they are to be hung up only for few days in a year – they should always be perfect, as befits Nandalaya. 

The divalgiri I saw was literally in tatters, with threads hanging on for dear life.  Appliqué work was coming off at several points and backing cloth was peeping through all over the place.  Years of grime seemed to be embedded in the material and it was desperately in need of a clean.

A worn out chandarvo was hung over the patio outside the haveli for a hindola darshan of Lalan.  Though the hindola was made of gold, the state of the chandarvo hardly complemented it !  The large mirrors embroided on the chandarvo were broken and missing and should have been repaired. 

There was no opportunity to observe the state of things in ShriNathji’s haveli due to the usual crush of people, but it looked as if they were in better condition.


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