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Shri Yamunaji
Through her grace, Shri Vallabh, and all vaishnavs, have been granted access to the Path of Grace
Pushti Marg !

MahaPrabhu Shri Vallabhacharyaji
brief history of Shri Vallabh and his illustrious sons.

Immense Achievements of Shri Vallabh !
What Shri Vallabh achieved in times of great adversity !

Vallabh Saakhi
Recitation of Shri Vallabh's life in Gujarati

MahaPrabhuji's life - from Krunal's site

Shri GopiNathji
Shri Vallabh's eldest son   

Shri Vitthalnathji / Gusaiji
Shri Vallabh's charismatic heir

PhD Thesis on the Brahmavada of Shri Vallabh
by HH Shri RaghuNathlalji

Historical development of Pushti Marg and its "Balaks"


Click below to see a picture of the divine family and their Thakorjis.
Shri Vallabh is sitting on the banks of Shri Yamunahji with the eight Nidhis and Shri Gausaiji's family is swimming with Shri Nathji in the divine river.

nidhi_b1.jpg (1539 bytes)


Jai Shri Krshna


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