Jyotish - Horoscopes


People use Jyotish to peer into the mists of time - backward and forward - and every time they see a dark shadow, they  imagine landfall and start to make predictions.

Yet, if one really believes in GOD, any GOD, jyotish has no meaning to them. God is more than capable of looking after the welfare of His devotees. If a common king can provide immunity from prosecution for his special servants (diplomats are one modern example), what can the universal King achieve ? If our fate revolves around the planets in our solar system, the Sun revolves around the North Star, and the North Star revolves around God, who is the final arbitrator of our fate ? If you believe in GOD, any GOD, give up worrying. Worry is for those who have no one to look after themselves. An orphan needs to worry. Prince, living under the watchful gaze of a loving father / King need not worry. If you believe in GOD, any GOD, think yourself lucky that your doting parent is immortal !

If you look at it another way, and consider the universe to be engaged in an eternal lila, divine play, than jyotish has no meaning for you either. If the Universal Play has been written by GOD, who are we to rewrite His script !?! To assume that we have that sort of power is foolish ! Surely, God, the omnipresent, omnipotent Lord of the Universe, can not be dissuaded by a few outpours of verses, or indeed, how can we hide our karmas from Him behind some polished stones we grandly call "gems" !

Using gems, yagnas, japas, meditation and blessings, we try to avert the future.  If used correctly, it may work, but only if used "correctly".  Not many people know how to do it "correctly".  To use jyotish "correctly", we must be intellectual enough to know how the universe works, how karmas link different people etc.  It is an exact science.  To assume we know how it all works because we can calculate the "movement" of stars (from our perspective !) is ignorance at best !

God is beyond all such things. As God's representatives (all religions and sects claim to be so !) on earth, we too should be beyond such things. That does not mean we can offend the heavenly Gods, we are not grand enough to do that, but we do not have to play court to every member of the Star Council either, for we too consort with Princes !   If you believe in GOD, any GOD, you should be able to look at the movement of the stars and enjoy them, enjoy them as they are !

Let life be life, stars be stars, you be you and God be God.


Bhagwat Shah


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