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Festivals in a Pushti Haveli are a colourful affair. Everything depends on the seasons and bhava (mood / emotion) of the season.  Here are some of the festivals as celebrated at Nathdwara.  If you would like to contribute an article detailing your personal experience / observation of festivals at Nathdwara, please email us at [email protected]


Table of Festivals - list of popular festivals in Pushti Marg and Ekadashis

Janmastami - festivities as observed during Janmastami 2001 by Ketul Patel

        Janmastami in Vraj and Dwarika in Gujarati

Radhastami - in Gujarati by Purvi Malkan Modi

Sanji - the colourful designs created in havelis of Pushti Marg during 15 days of Bhadra pada

        Sanji information in Gujarati - by Purvi Malkan Modi

Nav-Vilas as celebrated in Pusthi Marg - Gujarati

Divali - 5 days of fun and festivities at Nathadwara.

          Divali in Vraj - by Purvi Malkan Modi in Gujarati

Prabodhini - festival of divine marriage

Prabodhini - in Gujarati by Purvi Malkan Modi

Holi - general info for all havelies.

            Who / What was HiranyaKashyapu ?

          Holi - Festival of Faith or Colour ?  Reasons why we celebrate Holi.

          Holi - how its celebrated in Vraj and in Pushti Marg - in Gujarati by Purvi Malkan Modi

Holi in Vraj - colourful description of the most joyous festival in Vraj

Holi in Barsana - Video of the main temple, pilgrims, dancers and revellers.

Holi in BakeyBihari mandir - Vrindavan - Video of Pilgrims and priests playing holi in the temple.

Holi in Mathura - Video of a stage show on Holi and folk dance

                         Holi in picture photos of Lathmar Holi in Barsana and Nandgau

Holi and Dhuleti - as celebrated by Shri Nathji in Nathdwara

Dolottasava - as celebrated by Shri Dwarikadhishji at Kakaroli.

More info detailing rituals of Dol

Summer Festivities - Chandan choli etc.

Monsoon Festivities - Jhulan kae din ayo - season of swings !

                        List of Hindolas at Nathdwara

Pavitra Ekadashi - colourful silken garlands adorn the Lord during the Hindola season.

Adhik-mas - The extra month of celebration and devotion.

Manoraths celebrated during Adhik-mas

Adhikmas - expressed in Gujarati

Festivals celebrated in Adhikmas - in Gujarati

Eclipse - Rituals performed in the home & the Haveli and Pushti Marg's own Madhur bhav of the event. - by Goswami Bharatkumarji (Pune, India) 

Eclipse - an excellent time to do darshan of the Lord.


Some general information on Hindu calendar and New Years we celebrate.


  Other Hindu festivals

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