Keep it Simple



Keep it simple !

That's what all great saints and seers have done.

We complicate it, because we want more "precise" rules.


Keep it simple ! 

Let your mind find its own rhythm and do seva / sadhana so that its as natural to you as possible.  Shri Vallabh says that seva should be "sahaj" - natural - comfortable.  You have to be at ease when you pray.  If you are thinking of a thousand rules, you can't be at ease.  There is no pleasure or profit in that seva !


Keep it simple !

In all his lilas, Krushna kept his life simple.  He did whatever was natural and easy for Him.  In Geeta, He advised Arjun to do that which was natural and native to his own innate nature.  You too have to !  You have to be true to yourself and be as comfortable being "you" as possible.  If you are not, than you are cheating your very soul.  If you cheat your soul, how can you be honest to the Supersoul !?!


Keep it simple !

Let life be simple.

Love and live simply as you are.

Be at peace, in your head and your heart and the Lord will reveal Himself to you where ever you are !

If He is not there in the snow blizzard or the horst frost, He is not there in forests of Vrindavan either !!

Know Him to be every where, all at once, and in intimate communion with everyone - ALWAYS !


Keep it simple !


Because, Krushna is simplicity itself !



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