Brahma Sambandha


Shri Vallabh wanted to help the ordinary souls get to God and could not think of a way of purifying them enough to approach the pure Bhrahman.  So mired are the ordinary souls in their desires, karmas and egos, it seemed an impossible task to lift them from the quagmire of daily "existence" to anything beyond it.  Having toured India on foot, Shri Vallabh had seen the lives of its people, from the kings to the commonest men and seen how tangled up they all were in webs of their own karmic creations.  No one seemed to have escaped the influence of Kali-Yug.

Just as his task looked hopeless, God came to Shri Vallabh and gave him the answers to his questions.

"Just as Ganga purifies all that enters it, all souls, once they form a relationship with me, become pure.  There is no other way to purify a soul in this age when everything has degenerated and become corrupt.  Offer everything to Me, all your actions, all your possessions, your very soul, and it will be purified by its association with Me.  Like the devotees of an age gone by, become totally dedicated to me and I will lead you to liberation."

God than gave the Bhrahma Sambandha mantra to Shri Vallabh, so he could initiate people into the new path - marg.  The Sidhant Rahasya is an account of this conversation with God.

The Bhrama Sambandha mantra is considered too sacred and too intimate to be repeated aloud and hence its not on my website.   The Sidhant Rahasya and other philosophical treaties that help explain Shri Vallabh's views - please see the Grantha section for more details.

Shri Vallabh explains that, before marriage, the girl could be as poor as dirt, as ugly as sin, and as dumb as a door nail, but, if a king desires her, and marries her, she will be honoured as a queen !  All her deficiencies are secondary to the fact that she is now a queen.  She now wears priceless gems on a daily basis, beauticians work on her features and make her as presentable as an apsara, intelligent people vie to be her advisors and everyone would envy her good fortune of marrying a king.

Similarly, once you form a relationship with God, you are part and parcel of the divine.  Whatever you were before that point is immaterial.  Here and Now is what counts.  Once you have formed a relationship - any relationship - with God, God will make sure that relationship is maintained to its logical end.  In S.M.B. Geeta, the Lord says the same thing - "I respond to your bhav and worship in a likewise manner."

So, if we look on God as a parent, He will fulfil His duties as a parent.  If we look upon Him as a business partner, He will do His duties accordingly.  Look upon Him as an enemy, and He will fulfil that role to the hilt.  Go to Him as a bride, and He will take care of you forever - janmo janam !! life after life !!

* Parents can love and scold !  Parents have a limited time to molly coddle you.  Than they have to mould you by hook or crook.  You also have a responsibility to obey your parents and look after them too.  If you look at God as parent, He will do His duty and will administer punishment and reward in due measure.

* Business Partners expect honesty and fair trade.  They can also withdraw their support if they feel a project is no good.  Don't blame God if He does !

* An enemy has to be eliminated - there is no other option.  Fire, illness and enemy, they have to be removed from the root, otherwise they can re-emerge at any point and cause worry.  Lord eliminates all those who oppose Him by merging them into Him.  Once a river merges with the sea, there is no way for it to get back to its previous state.  This is the great compassion of the Lord - that even His enemies get to merge and be one with God !  Putana and Yashodama are both absorbed into the Cosmic Krushna !!

In Pushti Marg, we worship the Lord in two major ways - either as a husband or as our child.

1) In our tradition, a husband is bound to his wife for life after life, after life, after life ....  We want God to be bound to us forever.  Hence we want Him to marry us !  No matter how much a married couple fight, they eventually make up and become "loving" once again.  No matter how errant the wife may be in her duties, her loving Lord will gently and patiently mould her to His ways and will love her despite her faults - or indeed, as lovers do - with all her faults !  

Most relationships have a natural end, but marriage only ends when the couple dies.  As the Lord is immortal, this relationship will endure forever.  So, we form a relationship of a bride to her husband.  We expect the Lord to look after us and do all that is necessary in our lives.  Our duty is to serve Him and do that which will please Him.  How can a wife please her husband ?  By looking after His family / household.  The universe is the home and household of the Lord.

As His wife, it is our duty to look after the world He has set up.  Be kind to all those who you meet, be supportive of needy, nurture the souls to you meet and the Lord your husband will be happy !  Ruin the world or mess it up and He will be unhappy.  Simple !  Lord is a kind husband.  It takes very little to please Him - just be genuinely nice to all those you come into contact with and He will be happy with you !  What could be easier ?

2) As a parent of the divine, we are reversing all the rules of known world !  How can the universal Lord of everything be our son ?  This requires a magnanimous heart and an open mind.  It requires infinite love and unending tenderness.  Only than can you love the Para-Bhraman as your child !  The relationship between parent and child is one of infinite love.  No matter how errant the child, parents love it.  Even if they scold the child, the harsh words are couched in love.  

Just as a parent loves the child, the child loves the parent.  Their mutual love is such, that it endures forever.  Even when the child grows up and moves away, the parents will love that child, always thinking, always blessing, always caring.  Only if you can do this for the universal soul, should you take up the bala-seva !

The Bhrahma Sambandha sets you up with a relationship with God.  What relationship you pursue with God after that point is up to you.  How you maintain it, is up to you.  Be assured though, God will keep His end of the relationship !!


Bhagwat Shah

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