Siddhant Rahasya


At Midnight on the eleventh day of Shravan month’s bright half, the blessed Lord Himself appeared before my eyes.  What He proclaimed to me, I am repeating here word for word.


“For everyone, who has gone through the Brahma Sambandha ceremony, the removal of all defects of body and soul are sure to result.  These defects are of five kinds, as tradition confirms – viz natural defects; defects resulting from (impurity) of place, or time, as specified in the world / society and in the Vedas; defects arising from (improper) association; and faults that result from contacts (with forbidden things).  All these need no longer even be thought of.


Other than this (Brahma Sambandha), there is no way to remove all these defects.  Devotees should strictly practice avoidance of things which have not been offered (to me).


The absolute rule is that those who have dedicated themselves to me should first offer everything to me and than act.  It is unacceptable to offer something half eaten to the God of gods.


Therefore, at the very beginning of every undertaking, the devotee should offer to everything (he will use).  In some traditions they say that, that which has been given, may not be taken back and that which belongs to Hari may not be taken (for one’s own use) – but this is applicable to other paths, (not this one).


Just like the well known practices of all servants, my devotees should first offer everything to me, and than do that which is needed.  By (doing) that, everything (they do) becomes Brahaman.


Just as all things, even full of defects / faults, become (as pure as) the Ganges upon entering it, and just as it is relevant to discuss their virtue, defects etc before they enter the Ganges, but not after – it is precisely the same here.  (ie – once you have taken Brahma Sambandha, and have dedicated all your actions to the Lord, all that you do is Brahman, and hence eternally pure !)



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