Shri Krushna


Krushna is the ultimate form of God of our tradition. 
He is the creator, He maintains the universe and when it comes to the time for dissolution, the universe will merge with Him, till the next cycle of creation.

Krushna pervades throughout the universe in its entirety.  Every single particle of this universe is suffused with His essence.   He is the universe.  The Lord manifests Himself into various forms to "create" a universe full of diversity.  He is the underlying unity behind the visible diversity.  The Lord "created" various aspects of the universe - planets, people, objects etc to populate his creation.  Each thing has its place in the universe, its own job to perform and its own reason for being.  Just as clay can be used to make a pot, a house, plate and a toy, and each object has its own name and function, but ultimately its clay - the universal spirit - GOD - Krushna - is the cause, creator and material of this universe.

The universe is a vast stage for a play on a universal scale.  All its actors are governed by their own karmas that they create.  Krushna is the actor, director and audience of this universal play.   It begins and ends with Him.

Krushna came to Earth in a human form during the "Sarasvat" era.  God, being omnipotent and omnipresent, can do as He pleases.  He can operate the universe remotely or engage with it in person - as He pleases.  Most of the time, the universe functions on the laws of nature and karma as set out by the Lord.  On occasions, when things begin to get out of balance, the Lord intervenes to restore the balance.  Sometimes, He does it remotely, sometimes through the agencies of His intermediatories, and on rare occasions, He comes in person.

In the Lord's Vraj lila, the Lord revealed a wonderful side of His divine potential !  The Lord of the Universe, controller of everyone's fate, commander of Kala, played in the lap of the gopies.  He trembled at the thought of Yashoda ma punishing him for being naughty, He laughed at the pranks of gopas, He danced with gopies, and tended the cows of Nand baba.   As the Lord of Dwarika, He acted as a catalyst in reducing the evil in the world.   His various and wonderful lilas amazed the good and great of the universe.

Krushna's various actions, before, during and after cycles of creation are narrated in the Shrimaad Bhagvat Puran.  In general terms, it goes through the various actions and 10 incarnations of Krushna, concentrating on the earthly incarnation of Krushna as the Lord of Vraj and Dwarika.    Reading this wonderful scripture helps enlighten a person and helps them progress on a spiritual path, helping them to recognise themselves as part and parcel of the universal spirit.

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