Rajasthani Paintings of Krishna Lila


In Rajasthan, the ideals of Hindu culture were preserved and protected despite the onslaught of Islamic rule all around it.  The court painters of Mewar, Kota, Kishanghad and various others kingdoms, developed individual styles and added the magic of poetry to painting.

Paintings in this gallery give a glimpse of wonderful world of Indian miniature painter of a by-gone era.


b-putana.jpg (3280 bytes) killing of Putna 51kb

b-wind.jpg (3272 bytes) Killing of the storm monster 92kb

b-butter.jpg (2241 bytes)  A very family scene - Mother Yashoda is churning butter.  Nanda baba is trying to stop baby Krishna distrubing her, while Balarama is dipping his hand into the pot to get the freshest butter possible ! 34kb

Picture Krshna stealing butter with a help of a few friends - a classical recounting of a Krshna lila scene, complete with monkeys !  Mewari 64kb

Krushna stealing butter, as narrated by gopies in a classical narration style of Rajasthani paintings, where scene run concurrently on the same page. 64kb

A woman and child playing under an arch in a Rajasthani style of Kota / Bundi. 63kb

s-rsport.jpg (2243 bytes) Highly evolved and detailed painting of Krshna and his friends having fun on the banks of river Yamuna. Kota / Bundi 71k

b-chira.jpg (3414 bytes) Chiraharan, Lord stealing the clothes of the gopies on the banks of river Yamuna. (Royal Palace, Bundi Fort - Chitrashala)57k

b-chirharan.jpg (4852 bytes) Chirharan, in a vibrant, colourful, Mewari style 117kb

b-gopal.jpg (4084 bytes) Gopal, with his beloved cows in the woods of Vraj 26kb

Krushna consuming the all-consuming forest fire in Mujavana - early Rajasthani painting. 86kb

b-davanal-1.jpg (4684 bytes) Lord drinking the davanal (forest fire) to save his beloved friends and cows 139kb

b-lilavar.jpg (4219 bytes) Lord Brahma bowing before the Lord of all creation ! 68kb

b_kubja.jpg (3879 bytes) Krshna, Bala-Rama and their friends meet Kubja in the streets of Mathura - wonderfully attired! Mewari / Pre-Mughal 87kb

b-vadha.jpg (4087 bytes) Killing of Kansa 59kb


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