Paintings contributed by visitors to the site


Pictures in this gallery represent the pics sent to me by email by the visitors to this site. I am very grateful to them for their contributions.

Some are anonymous, some have names of those who have contributed by email and some are from covers of books, magazines and advertisements.


Balaji (though not at Tirupati) - 120kb

Lord RanChodji of Dakor, much favoured by Shri Vallbhacharyaji and Gosaiji, this is the original deity worshipped in Dwarka, who later migrated to Dakor in Gujarat - Jethalal P. Shah - 23kb

Radha and Krshna, sharing a shawl under a full moon on the banks of the river Yamuna, painted in the popular “calendar style” - 44kb

Krshna trying to appease Radha on the banks of the Yamuna river, in a luscious grove during the monsoon - new Nathadwaran style, imitating an imaginary "old rajasthani" style - 34kb  Mr and Mrs V.M.Shah

Radha and Krshna in the new Nathadwaran style, walking arm in arm in the groves of Vrindavan - Janakalyan magazine - 43kb

b_radha-c.jpg (2402 bytes) Radha, depicted here as a delicate young Rajput princess - Calcutta Museum (India) - given to me by mmy friend Mandy-Diana - my first experience of the power of Internet in 1996 !!!  41 kb

b_kp.jpg (2672 bytes) Shyam Sundar Vara, framed by the brillient plumage of his eternal friend the peacock. 89kb

b-gopies.jpg (3434 bytes) Gopies welcoming the Lord home in the evening, as he returns from his herding duties. 59k

b-mc1.jpg (3848 bytes) Mother and child (Gandhar period) 45kb

b-mc2.jpg (2492 bytes) Mother and child in a lotus grove 44kb

b-mc3.jpg (1844 bytes) baby Krushna suckling mother Yashoda 35kb

b-nagdaman.jpg (2614 bytes) South Indian Chola bronze of Nagadaman 41kb

Sangeet seva of a graceful lady playing been / tanpura. 43kb

Please send in your favourite pictures of the Lord and let us all share the delights of the Lord's various svarupa and lilas.


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