Classical Paintings of Krishna


Throughout the centuries, Indian artists have explored the rather colourful spectrum of Krishna's life in their own way. Many used "art" as their medium for spiritual development. 
Using their talents, painters and sculptures helped bring the inner beauty of poems and Sanskrit verses to the masses.
At a time when literacy was limited to a favoured few, artists’ contribution to spreading cultural ideas was invaluable.

  Paintings in this gallery give a glimpse of wonderful world of Indian miniature painters.


b_dk.jpg (3341 bytes) Lovely portrait of Bal-Gopal dancing in a lotus grove with balls of butter in his tiny hands. Possibly South Indian. 37kb

b_rk-south.jpg (2942 bytes) Radha and Krshna, wondering in the woods of Vraj. Deccan style. 7kb

b_venugopal.jpg (3131 bytes) Venu Gopal, whose beautiful flute makes all animate and inanimate things stand still, as if carved out of stone! From the temple at Belur in South India. 37kb

Picture Gopies, pinning for their beloved Krshna in the woods of Vrindavan - Orrisan line drawing  42kb

Picture Pain of gopies, momentarily seperated from their beloved Krshna during MahaRasa  41kb

b_eager.jpg (3716 bytes) Gopi, so eager to meet her beloved, she runs out to meet him in the middle of a stormy monsoon night, no more turbulent than her emotions, she runs out, lifting aside her skirts to speed her way, she even ignores the good advise of her friend! A most wonderful depiction of "anurag" - deepest of love ! Mewari style.77kb

A nayika explaining away the scratches on her person, caused by Krushna, by saying her cat is the real culprit !

b_rk-m.jpg (3820 bytes) Series of paintings showing the loving lilas of the Lord in the woods of Vrindavan. 68kb Mewari

b_springm.jpg (3384 bytes) Series of paintings showing the loving lilas of the Lord in the woods of Vrindavan. 67kb Mewari

Picture Krshna dancing merrily on the numerous hoods of the Kaliya naga  55kb Mughal

Shri Shukacharya giving His first recital of Shri Mada Bhagvatam to Rajarshi Parikshita. 54kb

Krshna milking a cow for a gopi too tired to do it herself ! Line drawing in the KishanGhar style 47kb

b_courtkg.jpg (3880 bytes) Radha Krishan sitting in a regal setting in a palace courtyard, typically KishanGhar setting 61kb

b_rkkg.jpg (3596 bytes) Radha Krishna in three different settings - in a formal garden at the top, in a boat in the middle and in a lush green grove at the bottom of the painting. 63kb

b-rk11.jpg (5101 bytes) Krushna offering a white jasmin garland to his beloved Radha in a secluded verdant grove Typically, eyes and fingers of Radha and Krushna are elongated in the Kishnaghar style. 70kb

b-rk2.jpg (3997 bytes) Radha and Krushna in a regal portrait, Kishanghar style 109kb

Gopies worshipping and getting a darshan of the goddess Katyayini, who grants them their cherished desire of being loved by Krshna - prelude to the Chir-haran-lila. Kota (?) 20kb



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