Svarup of the Lord


Gallery of Nidhi Svarups, Shri Vallabh and Shri Yamunaji

Images of Thakorji in house shrines of vaishnavs and some in their magnificent havelies.


Mahapraphuji - 18kb

Svaroops in a house shrine in London with pichoi made of kundans - 104kb

ShriNathji in a frame surrounded by wisteria - 148kb

ShriNathji at Dr Choksi's place at Warwick - UK - 88kb

Govardhandharanji, Dwarikadhishji and an overall darshan of the Annakut at Alkapuri



Mathuradhishji ; more detail



Nine Nidhies and Vallabhkula Parivar The nine Nidhi Svarupas, Vallabhacharyaji, Gosaiji and his seven sons. 64k

Shri GokulNathji in a golden Hindolo - 17kb

Kalyanraiji, dressed coolly for the summer. Though not a Nidhi svarupa, this image of Lord Vishnu is ranked second only to the main 11 Nidhi svarupas of Pushti Marg. 50kb

Dwarikadhishji, dressed in pearls for summer at Kakaroli. The light summer shringar helps reveal the figures on the steele around the icon. - early 20th Century style. 50kb

Shri Dwarikadhishji in a bungalow with three pavillions on its roof. 24kb

Summer festivities at Kakaroli. The Lords are set in an open veranda / courtyard in front of a pool.  Live tortoise and fish swim amongst lotus as musicans play and a Goswami offers arti to the Lord. Pichoi with "tree of life" motif is in the background. Compare this with the pichoi as depicted in the picture below.  Though the svarup of the Lord is small, here is it shown to dwarf the other figures, who are drawn according to importance and are not set to scale. 
Painting is from the cover of the book "Kirtan Kaustubh" which accompanies a set of six cassetts by the same title (pub. by HH Dwarkeshlalji Maharaj) Early 20th Century, 69kb

NavnitLalji / BalaKrshnaji at Rajbhog.  Tell-tale sign of Rajbhog is the chopat (ancient board-game) in the front - 31kb  Mohanlal C Shah

b-charan.jpg (2246 bytes) Madan Mohanji, a small metal image of the Lord in Tribhanga mudra. 19k

b-hand.jpg (2039 bytes) Madan Mohanji, a beautiful image of the Lord, made out of five sacred metals. 19k

bk/b-Ssurat.jpg (2173 bytes) ShriNathji at HH Indira-betiji's haveli in Baroda 60kb (March 2004)

b-sahara.jpg (2488 bytes) Shri Yamunaji wearing a special head-dress worn only during the marriage ceremony, called a Sahra - 27kb (March 2004)

Shri Yamunaji, wearing the “mukut-kachani ka shringar”, offering a lotus garland to the Lord - kindly sent in by Deepak Bhatia - 87kb

Shri MahaPrabhuji, with rosary in his right hand and bringing an offering of lotuses in the other - kindly sent in by Deepak Bhatia - 72kb

Acharya Shri Vitthalnathji (Gusaiji), a modern painting of the most charismatic leader of Pushti Marg. 26kb

An excellent modern print of Shri Gusaiji, sitting on the banks of Shri Yamuna, in front his haveli at shri Gokul with Shri NavnitPriyaji being swung in a cradel. - sent in by Vijuben Hathi - 66kb 

b-hshrine.jpg (2128 bytes) A wooden shrine, most probably used in a private household. 26k

Shri Dwarikadhishji of Mathura (replica for a house shrine) 35kb

b-bala.jpg (3646 bytes) an ivory icon of Bala Krushna in an unusal standing pose 89kb

b-s-c.jpg (2709 bytes) Shaligramji seated in a pink-red striped camellia 24kb

b-Gc.jpg (3050 bytes) Giriraji seated in a red camellia 26kb

b-jc.jpg (3404 bytes) an ivory icon of Madan Mohanji in a red camellia 19kb

b-sweb.jpg (3654 bytes) Sevya svaroop of web-vaishnav, Adityaji Ashar 82kb

b-jjaa2.jpg (2999 bytes) Sevya svaroop of Adityaji Ashar, during Vijaya Dashmi - see the javara on the paggha - 63kb

but-s-nish.jpg (3726 bytes) Sevya svaroop of Nishidh - [email protected] - 47kb


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