Paintings from ISKCON

ISKCON, founded in the 60's, has spread the magic of Krishna lila across the globe.
Many of its talented followers have painted these lilas, infusing them with their own artistic talents, often devolped in the western medium. 
This electric mix of Eastern and western art is often wonderful.


b-kbaby.jpg (2362 bytes) Baby Krishna, looking out of the window of His bedroom, and being seranaded by parrots ! 44kb

Yashoda_b.JPG (2253 bytes) A very youthful looking Yashoda with her beloved son. 37kb

b-makhanc.jpg (2771 bytes) One of the best pics of Krishna as Makhanchor, caught with his hand in the pot and the mouth ! 36kb

b-mala.jpg (2081 bytes) Ooops, caught again, stealing butter is obviously an art baby Krishna is going to learn if He doesn't want to be found out !! 42kb

b-makhanc2.jpg (2454 bytes) Krishna and Balarama stealing butter, well at least this time he has a willing acomplise ! 41kb

b-fruits.jpg (2645 bytes) Toddler Krishna comes out of the Nanda-Bhavan to buy fruits - a lovely pictorial depiction of an original story from Shrimaada Bhagvatam. 34kb

b-pfeather.jpg (2065 bytes) A lovely image of the Lord in a flower meadow. 33kb

b_swinghk.jpg (3380 bytes) Radha and Krishna, swinging loveingly in the woods of Vraj. 63kb

b-k8sakhi.jpg (2509 bytes) Lord Krishna, surrounded by His beloved eight main gopies. 71kb

b-raasa.jpg (2341 bytes) Maha Raasa, on the banks of Shri Yamunaji. 46kb

b-jalakrida.jpg (2253 bytes) Krishna and the gopies sporting in the Yamunaji during Sharad Purnima - the autumn full moon. 43kb

b-nav-vihar.jpg (2493 bytes) Nav-vihar, a moon lit boat ride, with the Lord and the gopies enjoying the full moon. 45kb

b-kf.jpg (2251 bytes) Krishna, playing his flute while dangeling his feet in the clear waters of forest spring. 46kb

b_kp.jpg (2672 bytes) Krishna, with His favourite friend, the peacock !   87kb


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