Shri Maada Bhagvad Gita


Introduction to, Shri Maada Bhagvad Gita, scriptural gem from the ocean called "Mahabharata" ! SMB Gita as per Pushti Marg. Please note though, there seems to be font issue and all "Uu" sounds are printed as "Aai" sounds.  ભૂત = ભૈત 
Sir Edwin Arnoldd was the principle of the Government Sanskrit College in Poona from 1856 – 1863, where he fell in love with India’s vast and wonderful literature. Being a poet, he cast some of this ancient lore, including SMB Gita in verse. This is listed below. SMB Gita, Kisari Mohan Ganguli's excellent and accurate translation in 1883-1896. All 18 chapters are in this single document.
SMB Gita 1     SMB Gita 2     SMB Gita 3     SMB Gita 4  
SMB Gita 5     SMB Gita 6     SMB Gita 7     SMB Gita 8 SMB Gita with side-by-side translation from 4 Vaishnav acharyas per shloka and audio explation in several international languages !
SMB Gita 9     SMB Gita 10     SMB Gita 11     SMB Gita 12  
SMB Gita 13     SMB Gita 14     SMB Gita 15     SMB Gita 16  
SMB Gita 17     SMB Gita 18  

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Characters and their relative ages to each other

Complex chronology of Mahabharat

Modern critic of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik



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