Shri Vallabhacharyaji came on the earth for a mission.  His holy mission was to give us a religious creed of pure and natural path of love towards Krishna-Bhakti.  As a guide to his holy mission, he created sixteen special treaties.

He wrote a preface named "Anu Bhashya", a commentory on the "Brahma Sutra" of Shri Maharshi Vyasmuni.   Similarly he wrote preface volume called "Subodhiniji" for "Shrimad Bhagvatam".  At the same time he wrote "Sixteen different volumes" called "Shodash Granth" for his devotees to understand the new sect he was creating called "Pushti Marg" and "Krishna-Bhakti."

In Pushti Marg, there is special importance of Shodash-Granth.  It is called the "Vallabh-Geeta" of our sect.  Vaishnavs also call Shodash Granth the "Upnisada" of our sect because it has all the principles of Pushti Marg.  These 16 hymns were written independently and at different times to provide guidance and clarification on principles of Pushti Marg for vaishnavs.

The first volume is "Shri Yamunastakam".  Shri Vallabh wrote this at the age of 13 - 14 on the banks of Shri Yamuna at Vishram Ghat in Mathura.

In ";Balbodh

The basic principle of pustimarg -   how to serve God is explained in ";Sidhant Muktavali." 

To explain three kinds of souls, "" (blessed with divine grace), "Pravahii" and "Maryada", he wrote "Pusti Pravah Maryada".  

To give us a knowledge of how "" can be re-attached to Shri Krshna by "Brahma Sambandhh", he wrote "Siddhant Rahashya" (secrets of Pustimarg.) 

Once we get "Brahma SambandhNavaratnam".  

Antah Karan Prabodhh

How to cultivate qualities of politeness, patience and total surrender to Shri Krshna is taught in ";Vivek Dhairashraya". 

In  "Krshnashraya

Shri Krshna is our only dharma, our material & spiritual wealth, our salvation and all our karmas is explained in "Chatur Shlokii". 


Panch Padyaa."  

Also, there different aspects and qualities of speakers which are very well defined in "Jalbhedhfeell the suffering of that separation.

Sanyas Nirnay" composed by Shri Vallabhacharya. 

How we should serve God is explained in "Nirodh Laxanaa

What kind of reward we will get for our seva is outlined in "Seva Fall

First step in devotion is to conquer ourselves from within, which is achieved by Shri Yamunastakam.  So, Shri Yamunastakam is the first volume and in chronological order and Seva Fal (rewards of service) is the sixteenth and last volume composed by Shri Vallabhacharya.


"This is the divine speech and path of life explained to us by Shri Vallabh.  I have humbly tried to translate in Gujarati what was written by Shri Rameshbhai Parikh.  This translation was proposed by Shri Goswami Dhrumilkumarji in 1994 at Houston Tx, USA location.  The purpose of the translation is to teach our younger generation about our heritage & culture of Pushti Marg & Seva Bhakti."

Written, Edited and Translated by Shri Jayeshbhai Gandhi (Houston, Texas)


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