Bhakti Vardhini

Strengthening Devotion


(free translation of the Sanskrit original)


In this work, I will explain the means by which devotion may grow to full strength.  But, if the seed of love (for Krushna) has already taken firm root, (devotion may grow to fullness) through renunciation that is characterized by hearing (the scriptures) and singing (the Lord’s) praises.    1

But the way to make this see take firm root is to remain a householder and follow one’s rule of life.  The one who is not distracted should devote himself to Krushna by means of ritual image worship and be hearing and so forth (- viz follow the Navadha Bhakti).  Even one who is distracted should fix his mind constantly on Hari by practicing “hearing” and so forth.    2

From these (practises) comes love for Hari, than passionate attachment to Him.  And one is obsessed by Him, scriptures tell us the seed (of divine love) has taken firm root and will never be destroyed.    3

Love of Hari destroys all other longings and passionate attachment to Him brings distaste for one’s home-life.  One begins to see the very members of one’s family as obstacles, and they do not appear to be one’s self.  And when one becomes obsessed with Krushna, one has undoubtedly attained one’s goal.    4

For such a person, staying continuously at home is destructive.  Having (thus) renounced, one should strive to concentrate exclusively on (Krushna as) one’s goal.   In this way, one attains fully mature devotion, which ultimately superior to all else (one can achieve).    5

But in renouciation, a flood of obstacles may arising from keeping bad company as well as from the food one receives.  Therefore, one should stay at a place where Hari Dwells, with people who belong entirely to Him and are intent on Him alone.  One may live nearby or at some distance (from such people), in such a way, that one’s spirit remains unharmed.    6

When someone’s passionate attachment either to worshipping (the Lord) or to telling (of His great qualities and games) has become firmly rooted, I am convinced, that as long as life lasts, that person will never fall.    7

 But one should not seek solitude out of fear of possible hinderences.  For there is no doubt that Hari will protect such a person from every difficulty.    8

 Thus has a hidden doctrine of the blessed Lord’s scriptures been revealed.  Whoever so much as studies this thoroughly will have firmly rooted love for Krushna.    9


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