Here the great Acharya expounds his reasons for seeking the protection of the Lord Shri Krishna.



Sarvamargashu nashteshu, kaloucha khaladharmini,

Pasandaprachura lokae, Krishna eva gatirmama. (1)

In this malignant age of Kaliyuga,when all the paths leading to God are obscured, and people are hypocrites, Lord Shri Krushna is my only eternal refuge.


Mlechakranteshu deshashu, papaikanilayashucha,

Satpidavyagralokaeshu, Krshna eva gatirmama. (2)

When the country is afflicted by the "Melachhas" (non-Hindu) and has become an abode of sinners, the good amongst them suffer a great deal. At such a time, the Lord Shri Krushna is my only eternal refuge.


Gangaditirthavaryashu, dushtairavavrutashvih,

Tirohitadhidaiveshu, Krishna eva gatirmama. (3)

When holy places, such as the Ganges, are surrounded by wicked people, and the gods that reside in such places have abandoned them, Lord Shri Krushna is my only eternal refuge.


Ahankaravimudhashu, satsu papanivartishu,

Labhapujarthayatneshu, Krishna eva gatirmama. (4)

When even the intelligent people are full of pride and are following the path of wickedness, and, when all worship of the Gods is done purely for selfish benefit, let Lord Shri Krushna be my only eternal refuge.


Aprijayananashtashu, mantrashvavratayogishu,

Tirohitarthadaiveshu, Krishna eva gatirmama. (5) 

When the true knowledge of the Vedas and other scriptures has been forgotten, when, by chanting great mantras we are unable to invoke the Gods of the respective mantras*, at such a time, Lord Shri Krushna is my only eternal refuge.

( * Gods will only answer mantras and prayers when the devotee prays with true devotion, devoid of all hypocrisy, false pride and selfishness. As stated in the shlokas above, this has already occurred amongst the best of us. As a direct result of this, the Gods have abandoned their respective abodes (holy places, temples, rivers, lakes etc.) and mantras. This is all due to the evil effects of the Kali Yuga and how that has affected the minds of all people. )


Nanavadavinashtashu, sarvakarmavratadishu,

Pashandaika prayatneshu, Krishna eva gatirmama. (6)

When sectarian ideas are splitting us apart, when all good and pious karmas are also done with hypocrisy at their heart, let Lord Shri Krushna be my only eternal refuge.


Ajamiladhidoshanam, nashakonubhave sthitah,

Jyapitakhilamahatmyah, Krishna eva gatirmama. (7)

Lord Shri Krshna is kind and benevolent. Out of infinite kindness, He has destroyed a multitude of sins of such evil sinners as Ajamil ! And all this for accidentally reciting His holy name ! Let such great Lord Shri Krushna be my only eternal refuge.


Prakrutahsakala deva, ganitanandakam bruhat,

Purnanado haristasmat, Krishna eva gatirmama. (8)

All lesser deities are embodiment of the prakriti, and are hence limited in their power. Even the greater Gods and demi gods can only bestow limited amount of bliss and happiness. Only the Lord Hari is capable of bestowing infinite bliss. Hence, let Lord Shri Krushna be my only eternal refuge.


Vivekadhirayabhatyadi rahitasya vishashatah,

Papasaktasya dinasya, Krishna eva gatirmama. (9)

My Lord, I am bereft of "vivek", ie power of discrimination, and I have no "dhairya" ie patience. I am addicted to sinful actions and am a wretch beyond description. Yet, with a sincere heart I request the Lord Shri Krushna to be my only eternal refuge.


Sarvasamarthyasahitah, sarvatraivakhilarthakrut,

Sharanasthasamudharam, Krishna vigya payamyaham. (10)

Lord Krushna, who is omnipotent, omnipresent and saviour of all those who seek His protection, unto that great Lord, I submit this request for my "ashraya" ie refuge.


Krishnashryamidam stotram, yah pathete Krishnasannidhau,

Tasyashrayo bhavet Krishna, ite Shri Vallabhobravit. (11)

He who recites this Krushnashraya (prayer seeking refuge of the Lord Shri Krushna) in the presence of the Lord, will be graced with divine protection, so sayeth Shri Vallabhacharyaji.


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