The reward of Worship


Please note, the following text and translation includes both Shri Vallabh’s verses and his own prose commentary on the verses in italics.


Now, I shall explain the reward of thorough performance of the kind of worship I have been teaching.  For, if the Lord grants transcendent power, then the devotee’s first, best desire would be fulfilled.  For whether the reward or the eligibility, time is not the determinant here.  1-2a

         In worship, there is a triad of rewards – Transcendent power, Absorption (in the Lord), and having a body fit for worship in Vaikuntha, Goloka or other (heavens). 


But anxiety, or an obstacle, or gratification may be hindrances (to worship), if (reward or eligibility) are not being given by the blessed Lord.  And if (they are) absolutely (not being given), there is no recourse.  In this case determination of the truth and wisdom (are considered the means).  (Otherwise) renunciation of the hindrances is considered the means.  In gratification, too, the means is the same relative to the first kind.  The second and higher type constitutes no hindrances.  It is the supreme gratification and constitutes a permanent part of the (devotee’s) first, best (reward).   2b-4

         In worship, there is a triad of hindrances – 1) anxiety ; 2) obstacle ; 3) gratification.  One must renounce the means by which these three come about. 

Gratification is of two kinds – 1) worldly ; 2) transcendent.  Of these, the worldly must simply be abandoned.  But the transcendent, among the three rewards, enters into the first.  An obstacle can be of two types – 1) ordinary and 2) those created by the blessed Lord.

Of these the first should be renounced by the mind.  But, if the obstacle is created by the blessed Lord, than, one should conclude that the blessed Lord will not be granting the reward.  Than the worship of any other (god) will also be useless.  Than the “determination” is that this soul is demonic.  And “wisdom” would involve setting forth on the path of knowledge, to prevent sorrow.


 In response to the question of how ordinary gratification may be got rid of he says, (Ordinary gratification) is beset with difficulties and insignificant.  But, it may be powerfully destructive.  These two should always be considered powerful.   5a

             Beset with difficulties and is insignificant.  Gratification, since it is beset with difficulties and insignificance, it is destructive and should be rejected.  ‘These two’ (ie gratification beset with difficulties and insignificant gratification) are the hindrances.


Regarding the second, anxiety should be abandoned completely, because of the certainty of samsara.

              The second is the obstacle created by the blessed Lord.  This instruction is given in order to prevent anxiety on the part of one who has not set out on the path of knowledge.


But if there is no first (reward), than, it is not being granted.  In the absence of the first reward, the blessed Lord is not going to grant it.  Than it is said that the worship is not at the divine level.    With regard to the third , the home is the hindrance.  One succeeds in getting rid of gratification precisely when one abandons the home.  6a


This (granting by Krushna) should always be thought of as beyond the devotee’s own control.  Any thought which contradicts this is a delusion of the mind.  This way of thinking should be cultivated by those who belong to him (Krushna) as well – that – He may, by no means delay in (granting) His grace.   Even when there is mental confusion, this truth alone should be considered.  This is my conviction.  And any distortion of doubt that might be created in this matter is surely a delusion.   6b-8a



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