Nine Gems of Pushti Philosophy.


Chinta kapi na karya, niveditamabhihi kadapiti

Bhagavanapi pushtistho, na karishyati loukikincha gatim

He who has offered him/ her self to the Lord should not ever worry about anything. By His very nature, the Lord will not confine you to the earthly / mortal fate. (1)


Nivadana tu smartayam, sarvatha tadrashairganaihi

Sarveswarashcha sarvatama, nijachataha karishyati

Remembering the words and meaning of the Brahma Sambandha (mantra that dedicated {nivadanam} you to the Lord) in the company of godly devotees, know that the Lord is omnipotent and omnipresent. The Lord is independent of all universal laws and will hence do as He pleases. (2)


Sarvesham prabhusambandho, na pratyakamiti sthitihi

Atonya viniyogapi, chinta ka svasya sopichet

Everyone is related to the Lord, including your friends and relatives. Don't worry if anyone is not as devoted to the Lord as you would expect them to be. Through your surrender to the Lord and His absolute will, they too will turn to the Lord, so don't worry about others' spiritual fate. (3)


Agyanaathava gyanaate, krutematema nivedanam

Yaihi Krshnasatkrutpranai, stesham ka paridevana

He/ she who has knowingly or unknowingly offered themselves to the Lord, and those who have united their soul with the Lord Krshna, must not ever worry. (4)


Tatha nivedana chinta, tyaagya shripurushottamaa

Viniyogapi sa tyagya, samartho hi harihi svataha

Also, do not worry about the Lord's acceptance of your dedication to Him. Eternally gracious, the omnipresent Lord will be your saviour, even if your submission to the Lord is imperfect. (5)


Loke svasthayam tatha vede, haristu na karishyati

Pushtimargasthito yasmate, sakshinao bhavatakhilaha

Lord will not ease your earthly (terrestrial) or spiritual matters. However, the Lord will ease your journey on the spiritual path. Simply, be a spectator of all that occurs around you and abandon your fate to the will of the Lord. (6)


Sevakrutirgururagnya, badhanam va harichhaya

Attaha seva param chittam, vidhaya sthiyatam sukham

Worship the Lord as directed by your Guru. However, if through divine inspiration you feel that His will is different from the directions of your Guru, you should act according to the Lord's wish. Once directed by the Lord, do not worry about the Guru's directions. It is best to engross your mind in Lord's worship and live very cheerfully. (7)


Chittodvagam vidhayapi, hariryadhyat karishyati

Tathaiva tasya lileti, matva chintam dhrutam tyajete

Even when your mind feels distressed, feel assured that this is the God's will and is for your ultimate benefit. Hence, you should rid yourself of all worries. (8)


Tasmaate sarvatemana nityam, Shri Krshnaha Sharanam maamaa

Vadaadbhirevam satatam, sthayamityava mae matihi

If, after all these assureties, you feel worried, recite (at all times) with devotion "Shri Krshnaha Sharanam maamaa". In my (ie, Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji's) opinion, this is the only way of getting rid of all our worries. (9)


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