Chatur Shloki

Four Ideals of Pushti Marg.

Short translation of the four ideals of Pushti Marg. They represent the four most powerful goals that we should all aspire to as human beings.


Sarvada sarvabhavena, bhajaniyo Vrajadhipaha

Svasyayameva dharmo hi, nanyaha kvapi kadachana. (1)

Always, in all ways, worship the Lord of Vraj. This is the eternal dharma of all souls, at all times.


Aevam saada sma kartavyam, svayameva karishyati

Prabhuhu sarvasamartho hi, tato nishchitatam vrajete. (2)

Hence, one should always worship the Lord. The Lord will look after the devotte and do all that is necessary for them. Knowing that the Lord is omnipotent, the devotte should not worry about anything in his/ her life.


Yadi ShriGokuladhisho, dhrutaha sarvatmana hrridi

Tataha kimparam bruhi, loukikaivaidikairapi. (3)

In your heart of hearts, once you have chosen the Lord of Gokul, as your beloved, why worry about your material and spiritual welbeing ? The Lord will take care of it all. All your karmas and their fruits will be taken care of by the Lord.


Attaha sarvatamana shasvada, Gokulesvarapadayooh

Smaranam bhajanam chapi, na tyajyamiti mae matihi. (4)

For this reason, it is best not to abandon the worship of the Lord's lotus feet. This is the considered opinion of mine (ie Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji.)


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