Antakaran Prabodha

 Exhortation to my Heart


 (free translation of the original Sanskrit)

O my heart, listen very attentively to what I have to say.  There is no deity truly devoid of all faults except Lord Krushna.

If an untouchable woman were to become a queen, and, as the preferred lady of the King, she would be greatly honoured.  But at a later time, if she was to fall from his favour, would there be any fundamental loss of status for her ?

Did I always stand so high before I offered myself to the Lord ?  Than what great depths could I plunge to that would cause me to repent ?

Since whatever He wills always comes to pass, Lord Vishnu will not act in any other way (with you).  His command, and that alone, must be carried out always (by you)!  To act in other way would be to betray the Lord.  This is the duty of a  servant.  The Lord will fulfil his duty.

It was where the Ganges joins the sea that the Lord gave me the first command to abandon this body.  Later, in Madhuvan (forest near Gokul) came the second command to leave my place.  I did not obey these two (commands).  The third renunciation (He has commanded) has this world as its scope. 

(Or – Of the Lord’s three commands,  to abandonment of body and place, the third, has this world as its scope.)  What cause is there for repentance in this ?  I am his servant, and nothing else.  And Krushna should never be looked upon as an earthly lord.

You have offered everything with true devotion.  You have reached your goal.  Be happy !

Just as parents, out of attachment, do not send their daughter to her husband, though she is full-grown (and thus displease her husband).  So, you must avoid that in the matter of your body, or your husband (Lord Krushna) will be displeased.  Consider this, if my situation were to be judged by worldly standards, where would I be ?

In (any) impossible (situation), there is Hari alone, let there be no confusion about that !

This is the good counsel of Lord Krushna’s beloved servant, Vallabh, to his own heart.  If he only listens to this, a devotee will become free from (all) worries.


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