Seva Prakar


Nine Nidhi Svarups - 9 forms of the Lord as envisioned in Pushti Marg and the bhava behind them

Bhavas inspired by the svarup of ShriNathji - different bhavas of the divine form
Svarup of ShriNathji - Some details for Shrithji's form 

Reasons for small svarups and haveli style of our temples

Gaud ke Thakorji :- who, what, why ?

Grace, Krupa is the central tenant of Pushti Marg

"Bhavas" in Pushti Marg :- Emotion and Religious Ecstasy.

Bhav-Sambandha - our emotional ties to God

Tanuja Seva - Ashtayam seva, to be carried out 8 times a day ; with relevant bhavas 

Mansi Seva - an outline of bhava, bhavana and seva

Keep it Simple !  Life and seva should be simple !

Daily seva of ShriNathji :- Daily routine in the haveli.

Balseva in Pushti Marg :- Reasons given by Bhagwat

Balseva :- Reasons given by Proff Sandip Saha

How to chose a svaroop for worship



Rutuseva_Guj.pdf  Seva through the year, across the 6 seasons by HH Shyam Manohar Maharaj of Parle-Mumbai / Kishanghad

Raag, Bhog, Shringar, the central tenants of Pushti Marg  

Shringar-Seva, the art of adorning the Lord 

Shringar Vs Shungar :- difference between art and craft of jewels

Soft Furnishings used in Seva

Pichoi, the beautiful backdrops used in the Havelis of Pushti Marg

Practical Pichoi ! create your own pichoi in your own seva

Arti and Pushti Marg's unique take on this popular part of seva 1, 2

Flowers and scents used in Pushti Marg

Pushpasan - creating a flower throne / seat for your Thakorji
Colours and textiles used in seva

Intergrating God in your everyday life


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