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I love doing seva with flowers.  Over the years, through Thakorji's grace, I have figured out a way to 'sit' / 'stand' Thakorji in flowers.  The main principle is you have to have a strong base under the petals for Thakorji to sit / stand without sinking in the flower or falling off.  To keep the flower 'fresh' while Thkorji is sitting in it, you need to keep them in water as well.  Over the years I have found ways to achieve both of these.  To make it easy for other to achieve the same results, I decided to write this article.  Read to the end to get the best result with your own 'pushpasan' (flower seat).

The best way I have found to do this is to use :- 
* Cap / cover with a hole in the middle. 
* The hole should be about 1cm in diameter to allow the receptacle and stem of the flower to pass through to the water source below.  Bigger is unsafe for Thakorji.  Smaller hole is unhelpful as the receptacle won’t be below the cap.
* The cap has to be wide enough for Thakorji to sit / stand on. 
* For Lalan, the cap has to be wide enough for his feet and hand to sit securely and not go 'over the edge'.  Ideally the cap should have a lip so it wont accidentally slide off.
* If you can't find a bottle top with a hole, you can create one using DIY tools.
           o If the cap is plastic, you can even 'burn' a hole through the middle using a hot pipe or needle.
* OR - you can use a CD as a base.  Just remember to use blu tack or double sided sticky tape to secure the CD to the lip of the vase so it doesn't slip or slide off.

Cap / top with a hole and wide enough area for Thakorji to sit / stand comfortably.

I often use a tea-candle holder as my water-source (base / vase).  It has a fairly wide lip and provides additional support for the cap and flower.  This is also low and small enough for Thakorji to feel secure and not be too far off the ground - after all - Lalan is a baby :) 

I use a taller vase / cup / glass if I am going to do sahastra nama puja with lots of flowers.  This way Thakorji can be elevated above the flowers as they cascade on him and he doesn't get buried in them.  This is also a very useful if Thakorji is going to sit in a 'pool' / kund during the summer.  He can sit in his pushpasan - high and dry - above the floating flowers in 'Yamunaji' in your seva.  

cap, CD and bottles as vases 
Almost any vessal will do as long as it supports the weight of the flower and your Thakorji.   

Hole in the cap and small vase / vessel underneath are necessary to accommodate the flower's large receptacle.  Once the receptacle is below the hole in the cap, it allows Thakorji to sit comfortably on the flower without tipping over.  

Flat flowers like gerbera or sunflower are easy to work with.  Their petals sit securely over the CD/ cap and provide a nice flat base for Thakorji to stand on.

Depending on the 'foot print' of the Thakorji, you may or may not need a cushion to support them.

Yellow roses
Lalan, Krushna and Lakshmiji in yellow roses.


Flowers with big petals like roses need to be a 'open' for Thakorji to sit comfortably without feeling claustrophobic and enclosed.  Lalan's 'circular' clothes cover the petals but if u have summer clothes, you will see more of the flower.  If the petals are voluminous, the clothes might 'ride high'.  Heavy jewellery will help keep these down.  To stop the petals from enclosing Krushna, I often use a necklace made of metal or glass to flaten the petals around or in front of Thakorji.  Plastic beads are too light and you do need something heavy.  (see a picture at the bottom of the article)

In case of standing Thakorji or coins - you will need to secure a mini cushion behind them to stop Thakorji falling over.  The cushion (circular bolster or square will do), should be small and discrete enough to not show too much.  Couple of small pins should be inserted in such a way that they go through the cushion to the receptacle (fat middle part) of the flower.  As long as they are secure in the thickest part of the center, it will be fine.  If the flower doesn't have a thick center, the pins should go through the middle of the hole in the cap to make sure the cushion is secure and pins don't stick out over the cushion.


Cushion can be seen behind the coin of Ashta Lakshmijis.


If the petals are fairly tight and strong - as in a camellia - you may not need a cushion.  But for most other flowers with petals that 'give' rather readily, cushion is required.  For coins and Thakorji's with a 'small footprint', this is a must.  Lotus and poppies have a large 'stigma' in the middle.  This can act as a 'support / cushion' for Thakorji.

Lalan has a 'large foot print' and is secure as he sits with 2 feet and one hand on the floor.  So usually, Lalan does not require a cushion. 

* Petals should lie flat on the bottle top / CD and allow Thakorji to stand / sit without falling over.
* If the flower is bigger than the bottle top, you won't see the 'vase / base'. 
* If the vase is 'low' you wont see the vase. 
* When flowers are big and base / vase is unseen, it appears as if Thakorji is floating on a flower off the floor. 


Krushna in a camellia
When standing in flowers like camellia, Thakorji may not require a cushion as their petals are firm...

In summary, list of items required for 'pushpasan' for your Thakorji :-
* Cap / top / CD with a hole and is wide enough for Thakorji to stand / sit safely and comfortably.
* Small vase / tea-candle holder / 'vataki' / pot / small glass / jar etc as water source for the flower.
* Fresh flower - eg gerbera, sun-flower, rose, lotus etc. 
* Small cushion for standing Thakorji or 'coin'.
* Pins to secure the cushion to the flower.

Remember, this is seva.  It should be fun for Thakorji and you.  Creating the right 'pushpasan' for your Thakorji will require lots of trial and experimentation.  I am sure in the end you will come up with what works best for your Thakorji.  If possible, do send me photos of your Thakorji sitting in a pushpasan at the address below.


Krushna and Lakshmiji
Necklace of millefiori weighs the petals 'down' and keeps the flower from 'closing in' on Thakorji. 
Cushion behind Thakorjis discretely provides support for both of them.

Krushna and Lakshmiji in red rose
Experiment and find the right flowers that suit and look good with your Thakorji.





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