Colours and Textiles used in the Haveli



Festive Colours - Red, Yellow and Orange along with gold and silver are always festive as these colours are considered to be auspicious.

Regular Colours - Greens, blues, pinks and whites are used on regular basis.

Occasional Colours - Dark colours have limited uses as they blend in with ShriNathji's body colour and hence are used on occasional basis.

Seasonal colours -
                    Spring - White and shades of pink and yellow are used a lot during the Holi season.
                    Summer - Cotton and light weight muslins in white and pastel shades are used regularly in the summer.
                    Monsoon - Colourful silk and cotton clothes with gold and silver lace are used in the monsoon.
                    Winter - Rich silk brocades are used in the cold winter months to keep warm and lift the mood.

Material -
                    Silks are festive,
                    cottons are for the summer,
                    satin has a lot of uses – especially winter and monsoon. 
                    No nylons or wool is used in the haveli.

Styles -
                    Plain cloth is used a lot in soft furnishings, especially with nice piping or lace border.
                    "Patterned" cloth (silk and cotton) is popular, especially as a backdrop.
                    Tie-dyes are popular, especially in the monsoon season.
                    Traditional block prints are perennially favourite.
                    Silver and gold brocade is instantly festive.
                    Embroidery is festive and popular. 


Painted pichois (backdrops) are precious as they are expensive to commission.  As ShriNathji is rather regal, the haveli at Nathadwara as rather refined tastes.  They have lots of painted pichois and rare silk ones with amazing amount of detail.   


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