Bhava Sambandh
Emotional Ties to God


Bhav sambandh is what ties us to God.  Our emotions, our feelings, our mood often governs our relationship with God.

Here is a very high level list of some of the main bhavas people use to relate to God. 


Vattsalya = Parental love
                either you are a parent of God, or God is your parent


Sakhya = Friendship
                Friend (sakha / sakhi), as a child or as an adult


Madhurya = Romantic aspects of Love in all its various forms
                There are several aspects of “love” including priya, swamini, manini, jar and tyakta


Dasya = Dutiful servant
                Servant who serves from a distance or who serves in the innermost circle of the lord


Bhakta = ardent Devotee
                Devotees come with various degrees of devotion and reasons for being devotees


Guru / Shishya = Student
                student of God or God is your student !


Ver = Animosity
                amazingly enough, God love you even if you hate him !



Please remember, this is a finite list of infinite bhavas, so please do not feel you have to restrict yourself to what you see on this page.



Sakha, sakhi and madhur bhav of Vraj-vasi, playing on the river bank with Krushna



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