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Most people see Mahabharta as an epic of war, hate and bloodshed. 
They can not understand why this mega epic is given the status of a “Shastra” by Hindu sages.
Most people see the "epic war" of Mahabharata.  What they don't see is the opening scene where peace is established between nagas and humans.  Rest of the epic is recited as “flashback” – almost as a prequel to this peace process.

Most people do not see that the overwhelming message of the epic is – “War is futile, so,  Live and let live.”

From the Mahabharat we need to learn how to avoid making the same mistakes as our ancestors.
If Indians actually took the lessons of Mahabharat to heart, we wouldn't have half the problems we have now. 
Sadly, we have "worshiped" the knowledge and wisdom from our historical epics without actually "putting it into practice". 
As a result, we keep making the same mistakes as our ancestors.

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Mahabharat katha 2012 (YouTube)

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Shri Maad Bhagvad Gita - Introduction and various versions of the SMB Gita

Characters of Maha-Bharata ! - Bhishma, Yudhisthir, Kunti, Karna, Drupadi etc

Mahabharta - Longest epic and most comprehensive scripture ! Deciphering the Mahabharata - Long Story Short

Gods of the Mahabharata era, as seen in the epic

Reasons why we should study the Mahabharata

Irresponsible Kuru elders ! "handsome is as handsome does"

Lessons of Mahabharata we need to learn !

L'Estat C'est Moi ! - arrogance of kings caused the great Bharat war

મહાભારત શું કામ વાંચવું, સમજવું જોઈએ

Double Standards employed by great and good of Mahabhart

એક મુઠીભર ધાન, એક લોટી દૂધ - terrible repercussions of royal arrogance

Private family moments > huge public consequences

પોતે કરે તો વાહ વાહ, બીજા કરે તો છી છી !!

What would YOU do if you had a  leaky boat and a blind captain ?

 Gamblers of Mahabharata

King is dead, Long live the king !

Fools Hope !  Why oh why did Yudhisthir keep expecting the Kauravas to be kind ?

Why didn't Krushna and others stop the Mahabharat war ?

Winning Strategies of how Pandavas won the war - presentation from the net

Pot calling the kettle “black” ! hypocrisy of Kauravas who claimed they were wronged in the Mahabharta war.

History is always written by winners

Who should inherit - eldest or best ?

Why was Arjun unmanned at the start of the Mahabhart war

Causes of War - from the perspective of various key characters

Arjun's fear for society of "mixed marriages" !

Why does good suffer and bad prosper ?  

Differences between Hunters and Warriors

Who is to blame ? who is worse - Pandavas or Kauravas ? Are there too many shades of grey...

Vastra haran of India's honour

Lessons from Ekchakra and what we need to learn from it

Listing some of the issues of Revenge in the Mahabharata

Maps of India through the ages

List of ways Shri Krushna neutralised enemies of Pandavas

Modern impact of anceint scriptures

Gurukul - ancient schools with an Indian style !

Hope for peace - from Janmanjaya to Queen Elizabeth II

Face your Enemy if you want to win

Dharma Sansthapan - Establishing Dharma is more important than anything else

Divine purpose in condoning the bloodshed in Mahabharata

Mahabharata is a tale of blind leading the blind

Who kills the Kuru warriors - their karmas or Krushna ?

Was Arjun's plea for peace real or hollow?

Blood is ALWAYS thicker than water !

Karmic Consequences of Genocide at Khandav-van

3 Gunas and 3 types of Yoga as described in the SMB Gita Divya Drashti ( Divine Gaze ) for us all!
  Historical evidence of Mahabharata and Ramayana

Mahabharat Links outside this site

Authentic and detailed translation of the Mahabharat by K M Ganguli

Authentic tranlation of the original by Pratap Chandra Roy

Mahabharat in Gujarati (has lots of other scriptures too)

Wikipedia - source of lots of information on Mahabharat

Mahabharat in English verse from Romesh C Dutt

Wm Blake's Short version of Mahabharat

Characters and their relative ages to each other

Complex chronology of Mahabharat

Modern critic of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik


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