Maps of India Through the Ages


From mount Kailash in the north to the southern peninsula of Kanyakumari, from Arunachal in the east to Sapta-Sindhu in the west, Jambu-Dvipa was known as Bharat-varsha long before it was called "India".

Indian sub-continent has seen many war-lord, kings and emperors come and go.  Over time, India has been divided into hundreds of provinces, kingdoms and states.  Several times, it has been united under powerful rulers of great renown.  Empires and kings have come and gone.  More than political or linguistic or religious unity, India and its people are forever united by their history and culture.  We share our love for food, spices, clothes, eternal ideals, ideologies, myriad myths, countless childhood stories, music and love for a vibrant lifestyle.  Indian unity lives on in its literature, art, religious rituals, pilgrimage sites etc.

Look at the maps below to understand the why, where and when of how India has changed across the vastness of TIME !

Map of Ancient Indian States

Map of Ancient Indian Cities

Simpler map of Vedic Indian kingdoms

Map of 600BC India with its 16 MahaJanpadas (republics) of that time

Maurayan Empire

Indo-Parthinian India

Ashokan Edits around India

Satvahan India

Kushan Empire

Asia in 200AD

Gupta Empire

Chola Empire

Vijayanagar Empire

Cultural map of India at 1795

Pre Mongol kingdoms across Asia

World during the Age of Discovery

Mughal Empire - overall

Mughal Empire - detail

Gif of pre-colonial Indian Empires

Europeans in India between 16-18th Centuries

Indian kingdoms and empires at 1800AD

Customs hedge that divided India between British and non-British states

States of Modern India

Seven Islands of Mumbai

Language families of Indian subcontinent

India at night


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