Impact of Ancient scriptures on Modern Life



Mahabharat and Ramayan continue to influence Indian art, literature, cinema, TV serials  and politics.

Recent films like Ra.One, Raavan, Raajneeti etc are a clear sign of how these ancient histories are reinterpreted by the modern story tellers of Bollywood.


Elements of ancient plots are used time and again to add the "twists" so popular with the Indian masses  For example, “Power of Attorney” is used in Indian plays, film and TV serials on a regular basis.  It comes from Pandu’s example of having made his elder brother the regent in his place.
Children, lost and found after several years interval. 

Politicians constantly use words such as “coalition dharma” to justify their political machinations.   

Dr Devdutt Pattanaik continues to inspire us in the boardroom with his interpretation of the ancient scriptures.


In February 2012, there was yet another take on Mahabharat as the famous fashion designer Ritu Kumar unveiled her latest collection “Panchvastra” modelled around five powerful women from the Mahabharta.  Famous actresses and glamour models identified themselves with these ancient beauties, proving that in India, time is eternal and cyclical. great pics great info nice video



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