King is Dead – Long live the King !



I have always wondered why people said that.  It seemed highly insensitive and even callous !

But facts are – life is really like that !


Power is vested with the throne, not the incumbent.

No matter whatever the delusions of grandeur the incumbent may have, or “sense of history” they may feel, in reality, it’s the post that holds the power, not the person. 

King is dead – long live the King !


Countless kings, rulers, despots, dictators, presidents and pri-ministers have felt themselves to be “indispensible” only to find that when they are gone, the world continues to function just as efficiently as before.  No one recognises these grand luminaries and “statesmen” once they are “out of power”.  The person is the same, his ideas are still there, his contacts are still strong, yet, the moment the throne is occupied by another, the former incumbent is powerless ! 

King is dead – long live the King !


The same Yudhisthir who was honoured, worshiped, crowned and much feted by all the kings of India at Rajasuyagna, was treated as a common servant by Virat for over a year !  Virat may not have seen Arjun as a dance teacher, and he had no cause to see Drupadi as she was living amongst the women.  Bhima he saw on occasion as a wrestler.  Nakul and Sahadev he hardly met.  But Yudhisthir, the crowned Emperor and Chakravarti was in his presence all day, everyday, yet, he did not recognise him ! 
Oh how the mighty had fallen !  The moment Yudhisthir lost the second dice game, he was lost – literally ! 
No one amongst the good and the great of India housed or hosted him for 12 long lonely years.  No one offered to house the exiled Pandavas in their extensive kingdoms. 

Aferall, King is dead – long live the King !


Ten headed Ravan, Lord of golden Lanka, whose word was law amongst devas and danavas, lay on the battlefield to soak the earth with his blood.
Proud Duryodhan who heedlessly sacrificed the lives of millions to prove himself right, lay alone and bleeding, fighting off vultures and wolves. 
Jarasandha, Kansa, Shishupal, Shalva, Drupada, Drona, Bhishma - all died and the world continued to function as before.
Aferall, King is dead – long live the King !


Many “has-been” rulers, dictators, actors, politicians, musicians, businessmen try to make a come-back.  Having lived in limelight, its tough to suffer the shadows.  Some succeed briefly, reliving the “glory-years”, but more often than not, the fact of the matter is,

King is dead – long live the King !


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