Great Personalities of Hinduism


Lord Ganesh, his creation and his importance in Hinduism

Why Shiva is so special ! one of the most enigmatic Gods of Hindu pantheon

Kali, The Fierce face of the Goddess ! Lord Kartikeya / Skandha / Kumara / Murugan - as a purely male creation 
Sarasvati - Goddess of knowledge   Shiv Shivaa, passionately in love with each other.

Vaman > Virat - if you have aim, you can achieve anything !

Ideal Lovers in Hindu scriptures, from Shiv, Vishnu to Krushna and Vashistha.

Characters of Mahabharata

Characters of Ramayan

Savitri's love brings Satyavan back to life !

Sita, gentle face of the Goddess.

Sati Ansuya and the strage test of her adherence to Dharma

Innocent Sita ! Why did Rama abandon her ?

Pancha-Pativratra - Five greatest wives of Indian scriptures

Why did Sita not protest when Rama abandoned her ?

Some interesting facts about Shri Krushna

9 reasons why we celebrate the birth of Lord Rama.

How real is Radha ?  Is she an authentic person or a poetic imagination ?

Valmiki Rishi, author of Ramayan - who am I sinning for ?

Parshuram who taught greedy kings a lesson in humility

Lessons of Vaman vrutanta - Law of Karma affects us all !

Parashurama - lessons of an immortal

Lessons of Ambrish and Durvasa

Story of Ajamil, last minute redemption

Indra of Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharata etc (6 articles in total)

Kurmavtar - God often helps without been 'seen' Meerabai - extraordinary saint, poet and mystic



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