Lord Ganesh

All-female creation of Shivaa



Creation of Lord Ganesh is a uniquely female activity !

In the Puranas, creation is generally the result of Purush and Prakruti. Even the great Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have their corresponding Shaktis to help them create the universe.

Brahma’s early attempts to create life without "sex" were met with various disasters. Abandoning these creations, he eventually realized the need to mix X and Y chromosomes to create life. Several of his manas-putras (sages) later became prajapatis. These Prajapati also found that they needed their wives to populate the universe their sire had created.

Creation of Lord Ganesh bucks the trend in this respect. Devi creates Ganesh out of her own-self with no input from Shiva ! This is a refreshingly feminist idea that a man is not required for procreation !!! In a truly miraculous fashion, this proto feminist - Devi -creates a male child without requiring the Y chromosome from the proto alpha male – Shiva.

Maybe that’s why Shiva was upset and battles with Ganesh. Here is a creation that had no input from him and maybe that hurts his male pride. After Ganesh’s death, his resurrection is affected by Shiva placing an elephant’s head on a torso created by the Devi. 

However, this created a child that was odd to look at, ungainly and slow !  Devi was displeased with the change.  Shiva appeased Devi with a promise that this child will accepted by everyone – they will have to accept him !  This oddly shaped child will have to be worshiped at the beginning of all new tasks to assure their success. 

Thus, order is brought to bear on the universe and all its creation. Male and female are once again united, with “man” being firmly established as the “head” of the new creation.

In the Purans, this is one amongst many battles between the feminists (shaktis) and the male dominated society at large. On various occasions, females do mange to win the battle and on several occasions, the male gods have to plead with the various goddesses to help them defeat monstrous demons.

Lord Ganesh remains Devi’s darling child. 

Created from the sandal paste / dirt that came off the Devi’s body, Ganesh is the Lord of “earth / mud / dirt” related Muladhar Chakra.

Created with unique combination of species, Ganesh is the Lord of ganas, all creatures.

Created with the head of the most noble, kind and powerful animal, Ganesh has been worshiped as the Lord of abundance, intelligence and strength.

As Ganesh is the first to be worshiped, he is also associated with the first word – AUM.  Artists through the ages have blended the curves of Lord Ganesh with that of the AUM to create beautiful paintings and sculpture.


Let us too invoke the Lord Ganesh and seek his blessings for success in all our undertakings.

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