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Gayatri Mantra - essence of the Solar Deity !

Further, more detailed article

Why do we have so many "New Years" in India ?

Divali :- 20 days guide, from Divali of mortals to the Divali of Gods !

Uttarayan / Makar Sankranti - The Kite festival of India

        Significance of Bhishma Pitamaha during the Makar Sankranti


Holi :- Festival of colours, as celebrated in Vraj, U.P., India

Holi in Barsana - Views of the main temple, pilgrims, dancers and video of revellers in the main courtyard of the temple.
Holi in Nandgao - News report of the holi in Krishna's own town
Holi in BakeyBihari mandir - Vrindavan - Pilgrims and priests playing holi in the main courtyard of the famous temple.
Holi in Mathura - Holi as played out in Mathura, complete with a stage show of folk dance 

Rama-Navami :- Why we celebrate the birth of Lord Rama

  Nabkalevar festival at Puri, renewing the idols of the Lord

Ratha-Yatra :- Chariot festival at Jaggannath Puri, Orrisa, India

Ashadhi-Beej :- Festival to determine the monsoon weather

  Pitru-Paksha - fortnight of the ancestors

Navaratri :- Festival of nine nights.

Vijaya Dashami :- Rama defeats Ravan and Devi defeats demons on this fantastic day at the end of Navratri


Here are some details of how Pushti Marg celebrates these festivals.

Divali :- Festival of light, five days of festivities, as celebrated at Nathadwara, Rajasthan, India.

Holi :- as celebrated in Pushti Marg, especially at Nathadwara & Kakaroli.

Grishma-Vihar :- Summer time at Nathadwara.

Hindola :- Monsoon festivities at Nathadwara.

Other festivals at Nathadwara

Nav-Vilas as celebrated in Pusthi Marg - Gujarati


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