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Kurma Catalyst


Of Vishnu’s many avatars, Kurmavatar is a purely ‘karunavatar’, taken out of compassion and for supporting the work started by his devotees.

Like a catalyst, God does not interfere with anyone’s karma, he simply speeds up the delivery of the fruits of those karmas.    

In this avatar, Shri Vishnu fights no one.  He does not talk to anyone.  He quietly, simply, effortlessly, unselfishly supports the efforts of Devas and Danavas to acquire something great. 

Sitting under the Mandarachal mountain, Lord holds it aloft for the entire duration of Samudra-manthan.  Lord supports the efforts of Kashyapa’s sons in achieving their aim of obtaining elixir of immortality.  Without Kurma’s help, Devas and Danavas would have taken much longer to achieve their aim.  Karmas of Devas and Danavas were rescued by Kurma.   

Through Kurmavatar, God tells us, if our aim is great enough, and our efforts are sincere enough, God will support us.  Even if we can’t see it, or experience it, or even know it, God’s support is always there for us.  God’s silent support is what sustains the work of good and great of the universe.  We just have to look beyond the surface and dwell deep to see it.


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