Perfect Lovers

In Hindu scriptures


Shiv Shivaa are greatly in love and initiate creation through their love play.  In her every incarnation, Shivaa only marries Shiv, refusing proposals from every other suitor.  According to tradition, the world famous “Kama-sutra” is a small fraction of what Nandi (Shiv’s vehicle and guard at their door) narrated to the sages about the love play of Shiv and Shivaa.


Vishnu and Lakshmi love each other intensely.  When Lakshmias Bhrugu-kanya, abandoned Vishnu, he did not remarry till she came back as the "daughter of the sea".  Despite the fact that Vishnu remains inert most of the time, reclining on the Adi-Shesha in Yoga-nindra, Lakshmi who is said to be fleeting, does not leave him for a single moment.  Everytime Vishnu comes to grace the Earth with a new incarnation, Lakshmi comes to assist him.


Sachi and Purandara are great couple too.  Sachi knows Indra’s philandering ways.  She knows how unfaithful Indra is and how often he goes to women of all different races – divine and human – and yet Sachi stays faithful to him.  Through thick and thin, they stay together and do not abandon each other.  When Indra is ousted from Devloka, it is Sachi who strives to bring him back.  Such great love is used as an example to inspire all couples.


Vashistha and Arundhati are often pointed out as great, steady lovers.  Both are equally intelligent, active and magnanimous.  They are so inspirational for us that all married couple are asked to look at the stars they represent this sagely coupl on their wedding night !


Rama and Sita loved each other intensely too.  When Sita was kidnapped, Rama combed the jungles of Southern India for her.  He fought and killed millions of Rakshashs to regain his wife.  Even when social strictures forced Rama and Sita to part again, their love did not diminish and they remained true to each others.  So much so, that for the royal yagna, Rama preferred to place a statue of Sita next to him rather than re-marry.


Shri Krushna is originally tied to Rukshmani and Satyabhama. 
Despite the express wishes of her brother, Rukshmani insists on marrying Krushna, sending him a message with a plan on how to rescue her from under the noses of her brother’s army.  Rukshmani is a devoted, amicable and gentle wife of Dwarikadhish. 
Satyabhama is haughty, rich, spoilt and intensely passionate wife of Shri Krushna. 

Though now one can’t imagine Krushna without Radha, at no point is Radha mentioned in the original scriptures.


Chandra and Rohini are intense lovers of Vedic lore.  As the Moon-god, Chandra was married to 27 nakshatras - constellations - beautiful daughters of Daksha Prajapati.  Chandra loved Rohini more and she was his favourite.  Sisters / co-wives complained to their father and Daksha advised Chandra to be equitable to all his wives and love them equally.  Try as he might, Chandra continued to love Rohini more than others.  Exasperated by the daily complaints of his other daughters, Daksha cursed the Moon with leprosy, causing it to wane.  Shocked at the severity of their father's curse, his daughters implored him to over-turn the curse or at the very least suggest a remedy.  Daksha advised the Moon to worship Shiv and regain his youth.  Please by his sincere devotion, Shiv granted him youth and placed him on his matted locks as an adornment. 

As a token of that excessive love for Rohini, even now, the moon waxes and wanes - from full to nothing and back to full.

Satyavan and Savitri are unique lovers.  Savitri abandons everything and everyone for her love of Satyavan.  Knowing full well that he will die - DIE - within a year of their marriage, she marries him.  Through her charm and friendship with Yama - God of Death, Savitri rescues her husband and regains wealth and power lost through marriage. 


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