Basic Facts

What does the word "Pushti-Marg" mean ?

Basic introduction to Pushti Marg

Basic Concepts and terms of Pushti Marg

Grace, Krupa is the central tenant of Pushti Marg

Reasons for small svarups and haveli style of our temples

Chitrabhed - simple guide to deciphering Pushti paintings

Why is Krushna depicted in different hues of black and blue ?

Some historical aspects of Pushti Marg

Time line of Shri Nathji's havelies

Comparing Pushti Marg with Chaitanya marg (eg ISKON)

Social etiquette with Priests and temple workers

Immense Achievements of Shudhadvaita philosophy

FAQ - some simple answers to some very basic questions on Pushti Marg.


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Pushti Marg

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