Pushti Marg


Here are some of the meanings of Pushti Marg :-

1) God being God, its impossible for us to imagine how or when we will ever "get to him" by our puny efforts.  Only through divine grace can we get to know God or get close to him, hence it is called the “Path of Divine Grace”.

2) Pushti means to enrich or nourish or feed. Having God in our lives enriches our lives, nourishes our soul, hence it is called the Path that Enriches and Nourishes our Soul / Lives.

3) Life should be graceful and beautiful because God is graceful and beautiful.  How do we know this ?  Because the universe God has created is graceful and beautiful.  Only someone who is full of bliss, grace and beauty can create something so wonderfully graceful and beautiful as this universe !  Hence this is the “Path of the infinitely Graceful Lord” who is also called “Madhuradhipati” by Shri Vallabh in his Madhurastakam.


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