I would like to dedicate my "Vyasan", in pada form, to Shri Krushna. 

With the grace of God, Guru, Vaishnavs, friends and family I have been able to follow my passion for pada writing for a number of years.

Born and raised in Pushti Marg, I became really interested in its art and cultural hisorty after reading “Krishna As ShriNathji” by Amit Ambalal in 1988.  The wealth of beautiful images, verbal as well as pictorial, made me eager to learn more.  After I graduated in 1989, I spent over a month at Nathadwara to learn more about Pushti Marg.  Enchanting beauty and other-worldliness of the havelis at Nathadwara had a profound effect on me, addicting me to the wonderful world of raag, bhog, and shringar of Pushti Marg.

In summer of 1992, The Vaishnav Youth Circle UK organised a 3 day series of lectures by HH Yogsh bawa on the eight great poet saints of Pushti Marg.  Their life histories were so inspirational, I was keen to learn more.  In December 1992, with the grace of God, I wrote my first pada.

My parents and family encouraged and supported my budding interest in poetry at every stage.  My father came up with the ideal “nome-de-plume” for the padas – “Bhavat”, meaning “to like / beloved”.  All my padas are dedicated to “Shyam-Sundir-Var” and hence have His name in there aswell. 

In November 2006, with the help of my parents, parents-in-laws and HH Pankajbawa, we published 10 padas on a CD, Bhavat Padarvindam. 

Encouraged by family and friends, I decided to publish some of my padas to a wider audience.  The project was on ice for a few years.  In June 2010, I eventually placed 54 padas on the net.  Hope you will enjoy these as much as I do.

Ramesh uncle has translated the essence of the padas in German, cousins Claudia and Mansi translated them in Spanish.
I can’t thank them enough for their help and encouragement in this project.


Jai Shri Krushna from the Shah, Mehta, Zapata and Dordi parivars !

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