Viviek Dhairyashraya

Sholka 8-9 1/2

One should renounce sense activities
with mind, body and speech,
that are connected to the small self
and not with Hari.

Even if one is powerless,
it should be done
understanding that
the power to do so
is not one's own, but His

In the powerless position
remember that Hari is everything and that
from refuge
entirety is attained.
Thus I have spoken of fortitude


When there is bhava for the Beloved, there is knowledge of how much the senses should enjoy and refrain. When discursive senses disrupt the balance, the lover makes the necessary adjustments, with a mind and heart directed towards the divine engagement. Discord arises when devotional sensitivities are displaced and create weakness while dealing with situations.

These weakness can arise because of a loss, yet the lover knows in her devotional heart that everything is the Beloved's lila. Endurance, to see the vast scope of His lila brings to her, in every situation, the true view.

Then all is seen as His and the lover remembers her distinctive part and gives an outstanding performance. Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya teaches,

"Even when you are anxious, realize that Hari is going to do whatever He
wants, according to His play, so stop worrying immediately. "

Anxiety arises when the lila is forgotten, when acting is inconsistent with the Higher Self. Sorrow is the result of a poor perfromance, when the Director's cues are not taken. The implementation of small self center free will towards shallow goals is a formula for distress.

Seeing the Beloveds dance in all things and acceptance of its amazing
movement is freedom. It makes you fearless.

Some people can relieve their sufferings while there are others who can transcend it. But when there is no ability to do either, because of being
in a powerless state, then refuge, taking the shelter of the Beloved is the
practice and the reward. He is Din Dayal, compassionate to the humble. When the Beloved's amazing nature is fathomed, the lover rests forever is His blissful embrace.

Shloka       9 �-11

Now I will introduce the third teaching-
Refuge in Hari.

In this world, or
In any other,
In every situation,
Hari is the refuge.

In pain and loss
in sin and in fear,
in the obtainment of the object of desire,
in anger towards other bhaktas-
in the absence of devotion,
in conflict with bhaktas-
in the powerless state,
as well as in the position of power-
in every condition remember that
Hari is the refuge.


When she is ready for Him, she discovers the Beloved's shelter everywhere. His romance and service becomes the true dharma, the dharma of her inner soul. Then, for the blessed one, other activities begin to feel unrelated. Her activities are never undertaken for any other gain. She knows unrelated karmas will create a delay, a separation from her Beloved; snags in sustaining His pleasure.

With devotion, everything in her life becomes connected; her life
becomes simplified and transformed. Now, her only effort is to submitt to her Beloved's aspirations. She arranges the palace of her home and heart and anticipates His early arrival. All other activities are seen as diversions.

Even if she experiences a state of weakness, the protector Hari stands besides her and makes her situation lila-perfect. She sources all of her power into Hari and crosses everything else on her way to Him. She reflects upon every condition in relationship to the Beloved, to her Hari,
who is blissful, the remover of her obstructions and the destroyer of her

His grace and compassion are inspiring. She finds refuge in His side-long glance and feels worthy. In His inviting shelter, she no longer manipulates anything. She resides in a loving world and knows the perfection of His will.

In knowing she is nothing she becomes replete. With humility, that rare combination of being firm and gentle, she submitts to the lila and lives happily. She attains refuge effortlessly without any sense of self attainment, all with His grace and glance.

She now sees and feels Him everywhere, at all times and in every occurrence, she has no where else to go. Loss, gain, fear, wealth, poverty, these things do not affect her, she is in love. She is at once perfectly focused and oblivious. Her reactions to events are different than those who have not yet fallen for Him. Her rommance is developled. Every occurrence is just another exchange with the Beloved. Even if others are displeased with her, she does not focus on their annoyance, but upon His pleasure. The lover cannot leave the Beloved even when she feels that she is not worthy of His embrace. It is the final addiction.

Anxiety is never her response to pain that arises in her body or senses. Her reaction is refuge. Every circumstance, whether it is pure or impure, whether it arose before she became a lover, out of apathy, or after the true romance began, corrections are not done with a sense of atonement,
but out of love. She accomplishes everything by simply relying on Him and knowing that her Beloved can do no wrong. She allows herself to be enveloped in the Presence and emulates those who already are.

The one in refuge can not be antagonized, nor does she have a false
sense of accomplishment. She simply has no time for these things. Her every response, even if she is in adversity, glows with refuge. She is unshakable.

Even if she feels her devotion lacks sufficient bhava, she feels no guilt,
only a separation from her Beloved and this makes her devotion burn brighter.

In excessiveness or in shortcomings, whatever the situation, all supports are merged into the single sweet refuge. It is at once the final means and

What more to say! Her view is refined, she find Him in every soul.
Her love deepens when she remembers His other blessed ones. This refuge is Self fulfilling.


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas. His numerous books (in English) on Pushti Marg are well worth reading.

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