Viviek Dhairyashraya

Shloka 7

When there is alleviation,
when things work out    
because of His wish-
do not resist
the accomplishment.

Also endure false attacks from your
spouse, family members
and other people.


When there is a solution and the Beloved removes suffering, the lover is not be overly righteous nor obstinate to those changes. The lover is also not stubborn about leaving the home in her quest for the Beloved. She sees all as the Beloved's lilas, and thus, all events in her life are endured. In every situation, Hari is the refuge.

If the lover's worldly partner is indifferent to the Beloved, let it be. Compassion for all the lover's associates is never forsaken. The lover wishes all to enjoy the victory, yet if there is no divine inclination, to be inflexible or overly righteous in any situation is never resorted to. In struggle with anyone, animosity becomes the bhakta's poison and always delays the ultimate festival.

When the festival is delayed or worse, forgotten, when the senses focus on other things and don't remember Hari, these diversions obstruct the flow of nectar throughout the senses and being. When the attention turns towards the Beloved, then the senses can be devotionally employed in the romance. She can make Him garlands, sandal paste and other treats. These offerings are then taken as prasada, as His grace. What is pure, delightful and offered, consecrates within and without and adorns the lover with virtues and ornaments that the Beloved keeps His eye on.

It deepens as the lover becomes absorbed into the dharma and drama of the Beloved. Then, things do not necessarily have to be renounced, they simply are given up, offered, and then enjoyed again. The Beloved returns the offerings. In the Beloved's pleasure, divine enjoyment for all participants is one of the blessed rewards.

The divine pain and its deliverance are seen as either Hari's examination or events rising because of past karmas. When the divine body is entered and used to traverse and serve in the Beloved's realms of lila pleasure, then there are no more delays. It is the bhakta's greatest asset and used for the Beloved's pleasure. By just understanding that the cause and supplier of all things is the Beloved, everything is offered back and never employed for any self gain. This is liberation.

In worldly matters, complication can arise from anywhere. Dilemmas can occur because of something that is desired, but not received. The mayic possibilities are endless. Whatever the case, the true lover will not direct negative emotion towards any sentient being. She knows it is disruptive to not only the Hari relationship, but to Hari's lila-creation as well.

As the lover's relationship deepens, the way she relates to people in her world changes. In the divine process, sometimes people who are not sensitive to the transformation become jealous. They are not seeing the process. Even if they aggressively confront the lover, she withstands the attacks and keeps her attention upon the Beloved.

Conflict can come from the work place, from employees or employer, conflict can arise from circumstances where wealth is distributed. Even if the aggression is without cause and clearly contrary to the higher sensitivities of dharma, the lover will not lower herself to engage at the level her aggressors. She understands the protective aura of the Beloved and endures. This ability to withstand all situations extends to relationships with associates of her Beloved who because of some negligence or personal
trait, turn upon the their fellow lover. Still, she does not falter in her Hari position.

When everything is seen as a play of karma that is working itself out for a higher cause, the lover is able to refrain from anger even while withstanding the force of suffering. Devotional fortitude is what allows the lover this ability. Hari's perfect connection to all things is her focus. She sees Him just before her, as well as to both sides. In that blessed state, she employs her devotional perspectives to avoid and transform all negativities. The illumination of the Beloved's presence is her protective


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas. His numerous books (in English) on Pushti Marg are well worth reading.

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