Viviek Dhairyashraya

Sloka 3.5-5

Always, in any difficult circumstance,
do not be uncompromising.
Without being obstinate,
in all situations maintain
a keen sense of awareness.
Know what is dharma
and what is not.

This is my explanation of wisdom.


Always, in any difficult situation, whether it be a change in life style that occurs because of events beyond the lover's control, in wealth or misfortune, she will never force the circumstances. She makes the necessary adjustments and while being flexible she remembers that it is all part of her Beloved's lila. The Lila Director creates all parts and His lover appreciates every role.

In worldly financial loss, if the opulence of the loving worship needs to be adjusted, she does so, always without obstinacy. If she gather's great riches, she will never falsely identify with them, for she knows that the authentic affluence is wisdom, experienced in the wealth of bhava. Her spiritual value is in how deeply her devotion is felt for Hari. In the Hari relationship, the Beloved graciously accepts the lover's bhava and is never moved by other riches. She goes on, maintaining that secret relationship, and also moves responsibly through the world. In every circumstance her Hari bhava is constant. She is sensitive to the necessary adjustments and never loses sight of her Beloved. Her state is one of wisdom, it is filled with insight.

The loving relationship, the Hari romance and seva is the lover's priority. When other social and religious obligations arise, she attends to them only when she can slip away from the Beloved, without any disturbance. The Beloved's necessities are for her paramount. At the same time, she is also careful not to agitated any worldly situation and skillfully attends to social and religious events. She does so without upsetting her Hari bhava on her climb to His chambers.

Upon entering, when she becomes totally enveloped in His loving illumination, her addiction to Him no longer allows for other activities. Yet, until that state of Hari addiction, a balance devoid of inflexibility is adopted by the lover in doings and non- doings. In this regard, a keen awareness of what is righteous and what is not is always considered. It is done so while living in the spirit of devotion, within the dharma where at all times and places exalted enthusiasm, bhava for her Beloved reigns.

For the lover, dharma is not merely righteousness, it is the ability to have bhava for Hari at all times, in every circumstance. If impurity arises out of either a doing or a non-doing, if there is a loss of dharma, the lover, in her own brilliant way makes the necessary adjustments and in doing so, the secret relationship flourishes. She remembers the divine order of things and then acts accordingly. In all circumstances, she puts her Beloved first and then arranges her worldly and religious calender. With Him first, there can never be fault, there can never be loss.

The Bhavagat dharma, the dharma of Hari is compelling, replete and capable. When the attention is there, there is always accomplishment everywhere. The lover knows that to be obstinate in either the performance or non-performance of other duties creates imbalance and equilibrium is necessary between the lives that are simultanesouly divine, spiritual and worldly. To be insightful in all circumstances while maintaining harmony is wisdom.

If the lover is blessed with a decree from the Beloved, in that special circumstance, she remains sensitive to His longings and directions. Sensitivity to the Beloved's agenda requires a constant perseverance. Even in times of stress, when the lover becomes concerned, she understands, in Shri Mahaprabhuji words that...

"Hari is going to do whatever He wants,
according to His play,
so stop worrying immediately!"

To remain in the blessed state of "remembrance" every situation must
be endured, assimilated and transfromed into a lila occurance.

This was kindly translated by Shyamdas. His numerous books (in English) on Pushti Marg are well worth reading.

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