Pichois are colourful backgrounds used in a seva.  I make bespoke pichois from fabric, kundan and paint. 
Prices will depend on material, size and complexity of the job.

Traditional pichois can be made from cotton, silk or satin.  Full saj with matching cushions and gadi can be made as required.
Example - Red and black flowers on white silk ; white lace ; white lace with blue hindola saj ; Trees and flowers ; Ploka dots

Kundan - I have made several pichois on board with kundans in different sizes. They add a festive feel to the seva.
Kundan pichois are bespoke and can be made in different sizes and designs. 
I find small ones to be particularly useful during travel. 1 ; 2
Examples of pichois - Vrindavan ; Shyam-tamal tree ; Vraj 1 ; Vraj 2 ; Vraj 3 ; Vraj 4 
Please note, as kundan pichoies 'sparkle' I have taken 'matt' pictures to show the design.

Example of how a kundan pichoi looks in a seva ; ShriNathji under Shyam-tamalal ;
young tree on a pink background ; Kundan trees behind painted plantains and gopies, Kundan Trees pichoi for MahaRasa

Pichois can be painted with themes of Vraj, cows, Govardhan, lotuses etc.  I have used paper and cloth for my painted pichois.
Example of a painted pichoi - Prabodhini ; Govardhan Dharan

If you want a specific theme or style - let me know and we will see what we can do.
NB - Items shown here are all unique pieces. Prices will depend on complexity of design and size of the pichoi ordered.
Please mail me for a quote.


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